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What is the quickest way to earn a teaching credential if you already have a bachelors degree?

Asked by Dog (24698points) May 2nd, 2012

I am hoping to work as a high school teacher in a private school in California. I have a degree in biomedical illustration and majored in biology as well. I would like to teach as soon as possible and really cannot afford to go back to a university for another long stint.

Is there a way to get the credential without huge expense? I would make a fantastic teacher. :D

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Here is the CA government website on getting credentialed as a teacher in California.

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In NJ, they have a program called alternate route in which people start teaching and are mentored to get their certification. My nephew participated in a program in Oakland which was intensive summer training followed by placement in an “inner-city” school He is now teaching at a private school in Palo Alto.

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This link provides some interesting options for those seeking to get credentials quickly (and some for those with financial need.) I do not personally have experience with these, nor do I know anyone who has followed this path. Another option is to become a substitute teacher while you work on your credential. It will give you field experience, too.

Hooray for teachers!

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Call your State’s “DOE” (Department of Education) if you already have a bachelor’s degree in certain fields (especially math, science or English) many states have programs where you can start teaching right away and get your credentials on the job. Florida had a program like this. In fact, in the elementary school I worked in, I was the most experienced teacher hired that year – and I was a first year!

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If you are teaching in a private school you are not legally required to have a teaching credential. Private schools can hire whomever they please according to their own criteria.

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