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Do you appreciate a heads-up when people come over to your house (say when doing house reno. Details inside)

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10929points) May 2nd, 2012

I am housesitting/pet sitting for my sister. She has a kitten who is not allowed to go outside. If she gets near the door, she’ll bolt. My sister has a few guys working on her kitchen. These guys never give me a time as to when they’re going to show up (wait, maybe once, but they were 3 hours late). Sometimes it’s first thing in the morning, sometimes later in the evening. I told the head guy to give me a call from now on to let me know that they’ll be over, so, A) I can make sure that someone is home to let them in, and B) I can lock the kitten in a bedroom.

The drywall guy showed up at 9 last night, and I was in the hot tub. He did say that he would be over at 6, so I waited.

I went for a run and had a shower at 4, today. When I was in the shower, I could hear the phone ringing. I’m thinking “oh, shit, maybe someone is here to work on the kitchen”. The phone stopped, then rang again. I hopped out of the shower, hair wet (still soap in it), got dressed and ran to the front door. The drywall guy said that he was there for 20 minutes. Dude needs to tell me that he’s coming over to work, don’t you think?

I talked to the head reno guy and he said that since the other day, I left the back door open (when he was supposed to be there at 6), that he figured I would do it again. He was a jerk on the phone.

Fuck off!

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I appreciate a heads-up anytime anyone is coming over. I don’t mind clutter from our children, but if I have advance notice of an impending visit, I will clean up the clutter for guests. I also just think it’s damned rude to show up without either being invited or calling first.

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Gah! I’d be so pissed.

NOBODY can come to my house without calling first, even especially family.

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Is she paying these guys to contract for her? What are her arrangements with them? I’m fairly sure that I would not leave supervision of my home repair/remodeling up to someone who was house sitting for me.
If something happens that isn’t to her liking, are you going to be held responsible?
Common courtesy would dictate that the workers give some sort of heads up or window of eta. Also a “running late” notification is not too much to expect, especially from people who are listed in the Yellow Pages. (I assume they’re listed. What the hell so I know?)
Being a jerk is something that you can address simply by pointing out the behaviour without attacking the person; “Are you always so abrupt with people, or have I done something in particular that has offended you?”

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My brother is a contractor. His hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. period. He makes this clear up front. There should never be workers coming and going at all hours of the day and night.

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I always need a heads-up phone call due to “flock” of German Shepherds and rescue mutts who think they’re GSD’ s too—. They do tend to be suspicious of any one who comes up driveway – even my Mother. Have to go greet her so they won’t knock her down. Haha

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The head guy came back and we chatted. He gave me his times for tomorrow and we talked about the progress and were laughing about the old, tacky 60’s tile that they uncovered during the demo. It’s all good now.

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I would still need at least a mid-morning phone call:-) The Pack sleeps in the house and leaves hairy floors. Need to vacuum or Mom gets mad.

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These guys never give me a time as to when they’re going to show up (wait, maybe once, but they were 3 hours late).

Lmao. Nice.

Yeah, that would piss me off. But unexpected company pisses me off in any situation. I really appreciate a head’s up. Surprise visits suck, unless it’s like, a long lost brother or like, a pirate or something. I like my lone time, maybe a little too much, so surprise visits that break my routine and invade my space really stress me out. I also hate it when company doesn’t know when to leave, especially when you didn’t invite em.
Happened just last weekend, but it was my roomate’s friend. She just showed up unexpectedly…now, that’s fine. My roomate is allowed to have her friends over. I have no problem with this, since even if they’re here, they’re not really invading my privacy. And even if they did, she has the right to have peeps over. But she stayed until nearly five in the bloody morning. That’s a little too much for me. This isn’t the first time she’s doing it, either. I had to get slightly rough and tell both her and my roomate that I don’t want this happening every goddamn weekend night. Yeah, I know. Maybe I’m strict and picky and boring…but it’s my fucking apartment, so I get to be a bitch about it. Abd I also don’t give two shits that it’s a weekend night. And if my roomie doesn’t like it, she can leave, her name isn’t even on the damn lease. So sometimes you gotta step up and lay down some motherfuckin law. Lol.

I guess it’s a bit different in your particular case, since these guys have to show up and do their thing. However they should be able to respect the times they say they’re gonna be there at, and phone if they change plans. Three hours late? Nice, seriously. Must be union workers or something. Even if it ain’t your house, you’re there at the mo, and are allowed to establish what rules you want them to follow, which from what I can see, are perfectly reasonable and legit.

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@Mama_Cakes Be very careful with these guys. Something doesn’t smell quite right.

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@Symbeline ahaha, the guy was supposed to come at 7 the one night, came at 5. Nikki was in the hot tub with bare titties bobbing near the surface (there’s a privacy fence). He came through the back gate and we don’t know how long he was standing there before he said “Hello, heh, heh, heh (like Beavis)”!! XD

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Lmao, he pulled a Beavis, too. That’s bad, man. XD

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Girl, and he had a choice mullet! I told him, “wait, I’ll get put the kitten in the bedroom” and left him there with Nikki, haha. He was a good 30 feet away, but she submerged herself down to her chin. She was worried that the jets were going to turn off, lol!

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I think you guys have a reputation among the workmen. I think if you want to know for sure when they’ll show up, you need to tell them what time you’ll be bathing.

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I learned years ago to take the phone into the bathroom and sit it tub side. Saves running around the house naked with wet feet:-)

However, I don’t usually answer calls till lunchtime or later….too many chores.

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To return to the original question:

I like to have visitors and don’t object to professional craftspeople and tradespeople when they make appointments and diligently keep them whenever possible.

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I always expect people to let me know they are coming over. I work from home often and at very odd hours sometimes. I really get peeved when people just ‘drop in’.

As for tradies, that would really irritate me and I would tell them so too. I had one arrive on a public holiday once. A day I had put aside that day to work because the company he worked for (a telecommunications organisation) had prevented me from working for about three days because of their stuff ups with our phones/internet.

Tell them you expect them to give you notice and a reasonable idea of time or at least morning or afternoon.

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I agree with @Bellatrix for the most part. Usually the standard, “morning or afternoon” works for me. It’s not like they’re going to show up the day they say anyway.

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Right, and today, I had no idea that anyone was coming. The guy just showed up at 4:00 with his workstuff at the door..

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I would have said ‘bugger off’ and come back tomorrow. Trouble is they know it is hard to get tradies anyway! So they can blackmail you into putting up with their unprofessional bull.

I think I would give them a rant anyway and stuff the consequences @Mama_Cakes. Be firm with them. Don’t let them intimidate you.

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@Mama_Cakes – No just walks up to my front porch. Remember the pack. Respect the pack of pooches or that sub/cable guy will be eating dirt in no time. That’s why I love them, and they love me,and we,re as happy as 4 can be.

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What the hell kind of drywall guy shows up at 9PM??? That is bizarre. I don’t mind if close family stops by unexpectedly, but yeah, I want a call from anyone else. Especially a worker of some kind. I might be walking around half naked, for goodness sake!

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A heads up is appreciated so I can make sure to put on a bra and brush my teeth.

In your case though, I’d be wary of stranger who shows up unannounced and wants into my home. I hope you told these guys they’re not come without reaching you first- just calling ahead and then surprising you if they didn’t actually talk with you doesn’t fly.

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@augustlan and @Neizvestnaya – You are both correct. To feel perfectly relaxed and safe, I’d need a big brother, a mechanic, and a maid:-) I love a good laugh but little women need big guns to keep them safe in this day and times.

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