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If you could have your cake and eat it too, in what flavor and design would you like it to be?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25918points) May 2nd, 2012

I would prefer my cake to be a diorama of a scene in Bladerunner where the police hovercraft flies between tall buildings and there was a dirigible up there as well. I don’t like chocolate that much so it’s going to be mango flavor for me.

What’s yours?

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I would like my cake to be in the shape of a treble clef. I would like it to be red velvet with vanilla bean icing and cream cheese filling please.

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I would like a coconut cake in the shape of a polar bear.

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Vanilla with coconut frosting, in the shape of my maternal grandmother, who was the last person to bake this for me.

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@Aesthetic_Mess – Cream cheese icing is rich. My first cousin-once-removed used to make a cooked frosting over a double boiler. Have never been able to reproduce it. Too bad she did not copyright the original recipe!

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My late grandmother’s chocolate cake with her mocha frosting – in the silhouette of Don Quixote (on horseback) from Man of La Mancha.

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Mine would be regular white cake….with black and red buttercreme frosting….in the shape of a Demon.

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Yellow cake with my great grandmother’s minute fudge icing, in the shape of a 1961 Triumph TR3,

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Seven layer chocolate with extra rum.. . .. dum dee dum

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I’d be made out of broken glass, vomit and rat poison – that way nobody would want to eat me.

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Although I do enjoy and like making cake, my preference would be pie over cake.
If I had to pick a cake it would be either carrot or spice cake with a cream cheese frosting.

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Pie? Well, that’s a different story. My family always asks me to bring my pecan pie to Thanksgiving Dinner. (guess they know I’d burn the turkey):-)

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I want passionfruit and chocolate and dense, rich cake and ganache and some pastry chef who really knows how to put things together in a beautiful and tasty way.

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Gee, doesn’t everyone:-)

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I’d take my cake in the shape of a Swan. Lemon on the inside with light white lemon frosting.

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Wouldn’t that hurt you sexy goose’s feelings?

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@Salem88 No, he’s a Chinese Swan Goose. :-)

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My cake would be spending time with my wife. Eating it too would involve being able to live together all the time. It wouls be really nice after 8 years of marriage.

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My cake would be a phoenix rising from the ashes, wings outstretched… gray frosting at the base, fiery red cinnamon flavored cake with multicolored swirls of cream frosting, 3 feet high.

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Banana cake with whipped cream (real whipped cream, not from a can) and strawberries. In the shape of a cake. It reminds me of my grandmother, who always made it for my birthday. She died when I was 14. She was like a second mother to me.

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A round yellow cake cut crosswise in four slices with custard filling in the middle, apricot preserves between the 2 other layers and chocolate fudge frosting and designs on top made of colored marzipan leaves and flowers. In my mind it’s just gorgeous. You’ll all have to share it with me.

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how many of us are inspired to actually make the cake we mentioned above?

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@linguaphile: I would love to make the cake mentioned above, but I am only one person, so that could be a bad thing to have in the house.

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@jca I hear ya! Imagine a 3 footer in my house, even with 4 of us? Baaad… baaad :D

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A marble cake that consisted of the shapes of buildings with Russian architecture. I’ve always been amazed by Russian architecture, and I love marble cake. As long as the icing isn’t too sweet almost any kind would do here for me.

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@Paradox25 My God, you’re right, this would be an awesome cake! : )

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Angel food with fresh strawberries. I know, it sounds boring when compared with all of the above, but it’s absolutely my favorite!

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@laurenkem Not cookies? : )

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@mazingerz88 LOL – the question was about cake, hence my answer. Don’t even get me started on cookies!

rummaging for the chocolate macadamia nut cookies

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@laurenkem: Don’t get you started on cookies?!?!

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