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What is the best way to take up surfing? How many professional sessions are actually needed?

Asked by zensky (13367points) May 2nd, 2012

What other tips might you have for a novice – starting from scratch – but with good balance and strength and excellent swimming skills.


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Find a good place to learn that isn’t crowded. Probably means going out at off times.
Get a longer board 8’ to 9’ for a man.
Try standing up on simple white water before you actually catch a wave. A simple beach break would be good.
Ensure you are with someone or are being watched by someone for safety’s sake.
Don’t mess around with any thing reported greater than 1’ to 2’, 3’ max otherwise it is too big and powerful.
If you live in Southern California, Newport Beach Pier area is not bad or Zuma Beach.

One professional session should be good enough to learn the basics and surf etiquette, and to find out where decent places to practice are.

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Dude, start on the south shore. Waikiki is the best for beginners. :)

I actually don’t know how to surf. I should ask my son to make an account on Fluther just to answer this question.

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@Hawaii_Jake You better start taking lessons cuz when I come we’re going surfin’ dude.

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@zensky are you going to take up surfing??? Way to go dude, pics or it didn’t happen as you always say!

To learn how, go to youtube and watch a video, how else would you learn?

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Take lessons and practice… practice… practice.

You will either learn to surf or get into Carnegie Hall.

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Many board rental shops offer lessons. Starting out on a longboard is usually easiest and least expensive. Surfing is a blast and there are so many types now. You can longboard, shortboard, foamboard, kiteboard, bodysurf, etc.

When I first started, it took a whole day of attempts just to be able to wobbly stand and ride a small wave to the shallows. Some people take to it faster though. Warmer waters help.

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Thanks for the answers guys. Pics? I don’t think so. @Tropical_Willie made me laugh. If I do make it to Carnegie – as a surfer – I PROMISE to upload the pics here and on Youtube.

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@zensky You da MAN. I know you can do it, surf that is ! Maybe you can buy a ticket to go to a concert at Carnegie?

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