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Why does the Samsung Glyde look like a wanna-be iPhone?

Asked by nayeight (3353points) May 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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Why WOULDN’T a phone want to look like an iPhone?

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Well thats an easy one. It IS a wanna-be iPhone. It has a touch screen and large hard drive for music. Also I think that they sort of tried to make it look like an iPhone. Anyway, it may look sorta like an iPhone but I wouldn’t get that phone in a million years. I am much happier with my real iPhone.

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They are trying to copy!!!! Boo them! Yay iphone!!!

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I dont like it. I hate how ‘they’ can’t come up with their own look. Leave our precious iPhones alone!

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Your precious iphones are over rated in my opinion, but I will not judge. Anyways why wouldn’t they make one? People apparently like the look of the iphone, and like its features and touch screen. But many people cant afford an iphone, so this phone provides a alternative thats a bit cheaper.

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idk, I just think they couldve been more creative and made a phone with its own look & not try and half ass copy what’s already out there….and way better.

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the fact that they must mention iPhone in their ads is pretty said. Even tho they say its gonna be better than the iPhone they are basically saying they WANT to be an iPhone. So duh a a wanna-be

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