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How do you find out what happens to the restaurants on "Restaurant Impossible"?

Asked by josie (30931points) May 2nd, 2012

I had some time to kill the other night and watched this interesting show Restaurant Impossible. This guy, Robert, who apparently knows the business, goes into these restaurants that are in trouble and in two days and $10K he turns them around, maybe.
What really happens to these places?
I really don’t believe much of what I see on reality TV, but it would be cool if the projects really worked.

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I used to watch Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and most of the time, it doesn’t work out. I suppose the same can be said for this show. Try yelping the place.

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As with God Ramsay, a lot of the restaurants fail anyway due to 2 reasons: They either fall back into their old ways, in which case it is their own fault, or they were so far in debt already that help came too late. Sometimes the owners sell the restaurant afterwards after the show improved their value.

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Ramsay could be very cruel to people. Robert can be insistent and says things straight out, but he has a heart. He suggests menus, give chefs cooking tips and recipes, helps figure out the budget, how to order and prepare food economically At the very end credits, they mention how the restaurant is doing or they will tell you to go to the program’s web site. My concern is that the makeovers are often done with cheap materials that are not going to last, given normal wear and tear.

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Robert is a great chef, cooked for the British royalty for many years. He had another show, Mission Impossible, where he had to whip up dinners for special events.

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I’m not sure! I watched one about an hour ago. It’s a good show. Just a shame that they don’t go back to visit them to check up.

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I have seen the UK and US versions of Kitchen Nightmares and Hells Kitchen. He is actually really nice on the UK versions and a total dick on the US ones.

That probably says more about us than him.

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He did one show on a place in Syracuse about a year ago and they’re still in business today and following his suggestions. He’s doing a followup in the next few weeks.

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@johnpowell Glad to know that. Thanks.

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@josie At the end of every episode they put a link up to go here to read the updates. You can also get recipes from the shows on the main page of Restaurant Impossible.

Did you see last night’s episode? ewww <shudder>

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