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What are some fun games for two people?

Asked by phoenyx (7380points) May 27th, 2008

I’m looking for board games, card games, etc. that are fun for two people. We already have several, but I’m always eager to find more.

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I have always liked Cribbage.

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Scrabble is great. I’m also fond of Checkers (rather than chess because it’s faster and not considered a measurement of intelligence).

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Also, there is a card game called “Set” which is super fun and great for two people, but make sure you are not too sensitive about how smart you are…somehow that game makes people a bit insecure (maybe because it got a Mensa award for “best game”?)

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@christybird Great idea. I love Boggle. It is addictive!

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Settlers of Catan (board game) and idk…Starcraft for compy :p

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Boggle is great. Ive never learned more useless 3–4 letter words in my life.

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@christybird; you’re back. Where have you been? We missed you..

Double solitaire mainly for manual dexterity. My sister and I used to have violent games.

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I love playing spit and double speed, which I can’t find a link for. It’s where you divide the cards in half, and each person puts four in front of them face up from their stack of cards (which they hold face down), so that theirs are two horizontal rows of four. Then you try to put down your cards any where in the eight laying down that where there are two of a kind (you put cards down face up from the pile in your hand thats face down). Then more double are created and so on.

It’s ridiculously fast and fun. When you run out of doubles, you each pick up your side and put it on the bottom of your pile, and do this until some one goes out of cards. :)

It’s confusing at first, but so much fun once you figure it out.

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@gailcalled: Hi there! I’ve missed you (and fluther) too. I’ve been busy writing my thesis – aah! But it is just about done now, thank goodness. So more time for things like this.

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@Christy; congratulations. What was topic? Do you have to defend it? When are you sprung? When do you head to Medford?


Backgammon and Acey Duecy

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@monsoon: “double speed” is called “German speed” around here. It’s really fun and one of the easiest card games to learn!

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@Marina True that. Cribbage is the greatest game of all time.

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christy: I was the national champion at set for a while. There haven’t been any competitions held recently though so I dunno what happens to my title. But NO ONE will play with me anymore. :[

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Card game: cribbage.
Board game: backgammon.


Pinocle. Nobody seems to play it anymore but it kicks ass!


Mancala is also good.

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guillotine is a easy yet fun game


That’s one game where you don’t want to be a head.

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haha, @misterblue, long time no see.

People always get so flustered at first, they can’t seem to handle not being able to look at the cards in their hand. It’s simple once you get the hang of it though.

Fun stuff.

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Ooh, also Go, one of the oldest board games there is. SO fun.

Also Go-bi-co is a fun game for the iphone that you can play with up to four people

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there is this pig game where you throw 2 pigs up and the number if points you get is determined by how they land. Paper football is fun also, the real paper football just not flicking it around.

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Dominoes…specifically Mexican Train Dominoes .

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I should probably mention some that we like: Carcassonne, Jambo, Lost Cities, Puerto Rico (two-player variations), and Cribbage.

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