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Do you experience repeated dreamscapes?

Asked by Nimis (13225points) May 3rd, 2012

This other question got me wondering if this was pretty common.

Every once in awhile, I have dreams that involve the same house. It’s not a normal house. It’s a crazy dream house with hidden rooms and passages. But it’s always the same house.

I’m not talking about recurring dreams (which I also used to do).
The dream itself is different every time. But the space is not.

Does anyone else experience repeated dreamscapes?
Is it a house? Is it a town? Another type of space?
Does some aspect of it exist in the real world?

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I have the house dream, too! It is my grandma’s house – or I should say, in my dream I am aware that it is grandma’s house, but it really isn’t. It has hidden rooms and passages, and is filled with all kinds of treasures. Everything from antique furniture to jewels and gold. I remember that once, one whole wing was filled with china cabinets.

When the dream starts, it is pretty much Grandma’s house, but as it progresses, more rooms are discovered and more elaborate contents are found.

I think the dream was recurring because I was unhappy with my own house. We were young and broke, and had a too-small house with inadequate furniture. As the years have gone by, and my financial situation has improved, I rarely have the dream anymore, but occasionally I do still have it.

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We have quite a few dream threads now! Fun!! Yes—I have 3 locations that repeat frequently- a white stuccoed house with a lot of balconies, hidden passageways and rooms, a duplex, also with hidden passageways, and a town. Sometimes I’ll have a location that I might’ve dreamed of 3 or 4 or even 10 years ago, then when I dream it again, oh! It’s familar!

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I have had the “grandma’s house” dream so many times, that my mom and my kids have been aware of it for decades.

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Here it is, the “dream” house. It looks rather ordinary, but it’s NOT.

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That has never happened to me.

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I often dream about the house where I grew up.

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Many of dreams take place in the city where I grew up, but not near the home in which I grew up. There often involve people I met in other cities when I have lived. Many people and places are out of their real or original context.

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Yeah, there’s a lot of locations or things that appear in my dreams. All in different dreams, and the locations/things take altered shapes, but I know them to be the same every time I encounter them.

The most prominent one is a church. Sometimes it’s a cathedral, a small chapel, one time it was gigantic, and made entirely out of metal. The steps leading to the front doors seemed to have been designed for giants. But I always recognize it as the same church. Sometimes it’s abandoned, sometimes very busy, I once fought a giant tarantula in it, and once it was a school for girls. I wonder why it keeps appearing.

Another one is a clearing in a forest. A big forest, usually half dead, unless it’s night time, which it usually is; then the trees are thick with leaves. (sometimes it’s barren branches) But there’s always that clearing, where I end up checking out the sky, the moon, some birds flying around.
In my waking life, I went ’‘camping’’ (several times) with some friends in some rather big woods on the outskirts of Winnipeg. (yeah, that place actually does have trees dude) Not a forest, but some damn big woods. There was a clearing that wasn’t all that spectacular, but I always remembered it. I think it’s logical to assume that this reoccurring landscape in my dreams came from that actual clearing.
The church though, I have no idea.

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@Symbeline That is very interesting. I have never dreamt of being in church. Do you spend a lot of time in church? Did you go to church often as a child?

My dreamscapes seem to be places that I spend the most time in. Almost all of my dreams took place at school while I was going to school. After I finished school, that ceased to be my most common dreamscape.

I don’t spend a lot of time outside – especially not in the back country, so I rarely dream of being outside. However, in almost all of my dreams, I am with my mother – from the time I was a little girl until now. You would think that I would outgrow that.

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I recently had a dream in which I was running around with bow and arrow after I watched the Crysis 3 trailer.

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@Skaggfacemutt Nah, I spend zero amount of time in churches. My mom took me when I was a kid, but that’s about it. I did spend a lot of time messing around on church grounds as a teen. Cool place to hang out at night. Even got drunk there sometimes. XD I always thought church architecture, especially old ones, was pretty cool. Denno if that spawned the dreams or not though.

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Right now, I have been having recurring dreams of going back to school and New Zealand. No surprise there.

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Absolutely. So often and so consistently that I have been able to map them all out.

The most commonly recurring dreamscapes are:
A theme park
A school
A massive city
Antique stores
Woods that are adjacent to a huge lake or ocean
A mall
A grocery store
A cemetery

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Ha it’s funny that I thought of returning to this question to add one, since I dreamt about it last night…and it finds itself in my activity.

One thing I often dream about is a dark pit/entrance/stairway, leading down. It takes many forms, (although it mostly appears as stairs or a ladder) but it’s always pitch black, usually kind of small, and I always get this sense of danger from it. Not evil, but something that can be dangerous. I’m always so curious though, and I always contemplate going down. But I never do. Sometimes I go a few feet in, but I always get scared. The word scared isn’t really right, but all my senses are against it, except for my curiosity. Thing is this dark entrance is never the main event of the dream, it just happens to be there. I don’t go in, and the dream goes on with something else. It doesn’t appear as much as the church or clearing, but it has as much impact. I really do wander what is down there. So many obvious things I could attribute this too…Hell, even if I don’t believe in it. (maybe that’s why I can’t go in…does this mean that if it exists, I’m going to Hell? Man. )Something inside me I refuse to see. Some emotion, some truth. I don’t think it’s any of that though. I seriously don’t know, but there’s definitely something down there, and it’s definitely dangerous. The closest I can come to is a relation with death. Death sucks, but it’s not something ’‘mean’’ or ’‘evil’’
Last night it was a small cellar like door in the floor of a grubby basement. One day, maybe I’ll be courageous enough to go in. Of course, I don’t really control myself in dreams, so…:/

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