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How does a computer know that it needs to be updated when it's not even connected to the internet?

Asked by Blackberry (31712points) May 3rd, 2012

What is this mystery?

I only want nice people to answer.

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It is longing for a “internet connection”.

I am a nice person.

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Really there maybe a date code in the computer that tells it to look for and ask for andupdate.

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Unfortunately, I am precluded from answering. It’s a good thing, too, because I don’t have a better answer than @Tropical_Willie.‘s If it’s not online, then it has to be a time-based issue.

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@CWOTUS Get off your lazy balls and give me what I want. Lol.

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The wording of your question means that I can’t answer. And the wording of my unauthorized response indicates that I don’t have a better one, anyway. So there, biotch (to drive home the point that I’m not a nice person).

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Just messin’ with ya. Thanks @CWOTUS :)

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Ha! I only have one flaw. I like getting points even though it’s pointless. Am I nice enough? I need to know before I risk offending you by answering.

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I’m told by my resident nerd that the software has expiry dates, therefore its a timer thing.

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