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Guys, if you found out years later that an old girlfriend had a baby just after the two of you broke up would you seek out the ex or child?

Asked by tranquilsea (17760points) May 3rd, 2012

Or, would you let that information flow past and go on with your life?

If you did contact your ex what would you say?

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I’m glad I’m not a guy!

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I would freak out and try to find them. That happened to me.

A girl I know got pregnant after we broke up and I heard. I bought some onesies and stopped by her house and she was like, “Dumbass, I dated xxxxx after we broke up, calm down. Can you not do math?”.

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@Dutchess_III ain’t that the truth lol. I’ve done a lot of thinking about how rough it could be for men to wonder…

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought you sound like a decent guy.

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No. I would figure there was some good reason I had not heard about it, and leave it at that. Anyway, what in the world would you say?

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@tranquilsea not really. I am still friends with her and when I am dating women she says “you know, she is only “x” age than my daughter.”

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To those of you guys who would look up the women and find out one way or the other I commend you for thinking not only of yourself but possibly the child you may have created.

I am so glad I am a woman at least I know 100% I have no biological children out there I didn’t know of.

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DNA test time.

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First of all, that couldn’t happen with me. I’m infertile. So I never would have to wonder, once I found out.

However, at first, I would assume that an ex would tell me things I needed to know. If I had fathered a child, any decent woman would tell the father. As far as I know, every woman I was with would extend that courtesy.

So if I found out they had a kid, I would assume it had nothing to do with me. They would have told me, otherwise. In my case, if they had the kid less then nine months after we broke up, it would be because someone else was the father. Meaning they had been sleeping with someone else while they were sleeping with me.

I think I would try to contact them to find out what the story was. I could send an email. They’s probably respond. They’re nice people. No one I’ve ever reached out to has not replied, but then, we haven’t developed any further correspondence.

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