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What's your favorite thing to do when the weather is nice?

Asked by mangeons (12127points) May 3rd, 2012

Today it was 85 degrees and super nice outside, so I decided to go for a bike ride and occasionally stop to read in the shade. It was really great, and I’m glad I took advantage of the nice weather!

What do you do to enjoy a nice day?

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Fish, hunt.

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Watch TV and eat potato chips.

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Can’t beat a walk in the woods.

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Go outside and never come back in.

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Go for a walk, or go sit by the river. Or both. But if it’s too hot, I avoid it.

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@Symbeline No..if it’s hot you go sit IN the river!

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Everyday is nice here in Florida. We are praying for rain. I golf, swim, work in my flower garden, ride the golf cart, sit outside and watch the birds, go to the coast, play cards on the lanai, go to Disney…

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Well first, let’s define “nice”. For me, that means no humidity, breezy (even windy), sun is out, between 65F and 75F.

On those days, I like to walk in the city. Go to a park by the river. Go for a long drive with all the windows open, or nap under a tree.

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@Dutchess_III Eeew gross. The river here looks pretty, (so did the ones in Winnipeg where I lived) but I know for a fact they’re pretty polluted. I’d never set foot in those. Might come out with half a head growing on my leg or something.

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Go to the pool and cool down. Otherwise I putter in my garden. I might also go for a bike ride if I feel enough energy.

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Hike or jog somewhere. There are plenty of nature scenes in NJ.

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Play golf.

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Lay on my deck with a magazine, glass of water and the phone. The cats go in and out and we enjoy ourselves immensely.

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Ok. Sit by the lake and read while my husband fishes, and ifn it gets HOT go run in the lake and then come back and sit in my chair and commence running. Sure make you appreciate sunset, when the air cools off.

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Take a walk in the woods.

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I loved being in my backyard with a screened in pool when I lived in FL.

Being in an open air shopping center to just walk around, maybe have some lunch.

Going to the beach.

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Picnic, bike ride, run.

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Go out & make the most of it, because you can bet it’s not going to last long.

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It used to be to go on a really long country walk with my dog. Now she’s too old and stiff to walk more than half an hour, I go on my own, take a camera, and aim to finish my walk at a nice country pub.

@ucme is right – days like that are a rarity here.

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Soak up some sun on my face. Not to get a tan (or burn, as I would), just to feel the light and warmth on my skin. It makes me happy.

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I like to swim really hard, until it burns and then lay in the sun and let it dry me off. So what the heck am I doing the the Northeast?

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When you get in the water in the Northeast and your body stings, it is called hypothermia, @Adirondackwannabe

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Darn, I really want a convertible some day.

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Camp camp camp!

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Garden, sunbathe, swim.

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Run with my daughter through the sprinklers or go on a kayaking day-trip.

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