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Have you ever seen a movie display in a theater near you that you fantasized buying or stealing?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) May 3rd, 2012

LOL. Ok so I’m walking in 2 hours before The Avengers’ midnite screening. I saw this new Spiderman movie’s display installation and it’s a 7 foot photo display of a life-size Spidey attached to the side of a building…all in 3D! What an uber-cool thing to have in my room is all I could think of!

Where do this stuff end up anyway after its run? Can anybody offer to buy them? I might assemble the Avengers to help me snatch it. LOL.

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My SIL worked at a blockbuster years ago and all the posters went to the employees, so I would think it would be the same at the theaters.

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Talk to the manager at the theatre, I believe most of those things end up in the trash. Maybe you can talk to him/her about taking it off their hands for them after the promotion is over

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I did ask the theater employee and he said he thinks they get returned to the studio, the rightful owner and get destroyed sometimes. What? Why? I’m sure there hundreds of them. Why not auction them to make more money?

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Yes, and that’s why I own a 10ft Memoirs of a Geisha poster.

It helps if you work there.

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They do end up in the trash if employees don’t claim them, usually there’s a poster room somewhere with loads of old posters as well that you could ask about poking through although it’s less likely as a non employee you’ll be allowed up where they are.

If no one claims them, we always destroyed them after closing as sleds, makeshift weapons and tools of immaturity – if you want something, ask the manager when they’re going to take it down and come back that night at the end of the day.

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But don’t ask when it’s busy – everyone will hate you and they’ll just daydream about ripping it to shreds in front of you and flicking you off. Go in the middle of the day – when it’s empty. Mmkay.

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There is no theatre anywhere near here!

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Nope, but I’ve been tempted by music store displays. I asked about one once and actually wound up leaving with it. Very exciting!

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I have asked the management to let me know when I could come by and get the display after they were done with it. I got several that way, years ago.

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A friend of mine has a 30-year-old(*) life-sized cardboard cut-out of Han Solo on the top of her stairs, for exactly this reason. Although she didn’t steal it. She just asked if she could have it when they were done with it, and they said yes.

(*) good god, that makes me feel old

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I’d like to use R2D2 as a handy little pedal bin for use in the kitchen.

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