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Dear fellow jellies: Where do you look for uncommon books? See details please.

Asked by Nullo (21916points) May 3rd, 2012

I once read a book, I Cavalieri Della Tavola Bislunga (the title is a play on the Knights of the Round Table, but the story reads more like Dumas’ Robin Hood), and I’d like to read it again. Unfortunately, it’s a very Italian book, and doesn’t seem to show up anywhere.

I’ve checked B&N. Amazon is exhausted. Google gives a few links, but none of them sell anything. A copy has been shown to exist in Palermo, raising the number of known copies to two.

I need you to reach in to your very socks, fellow jelligates. Thank you in advance for your help!

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I search here. I think you can tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll try to find it for you, too. Good luck!

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Normally, I’d suggest places such as alibris, abebooks, Powell’s, The Strand, or even WorldCat, but in your case… the author is Luciano Malmusi, but I’m not finding the book. You may have to check The Cemetery of Forgotten Books. Good luck…

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The national library in Rome (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma) has two copies.

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When I’m looking for a bound book to buy, the first place I look is

What I like about that site is that it does searches and price comparisons against many other book sites. I wish you luck.

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One place I do not recommend is Books-A-Million. They have canceled every order I’ve ever placed (even for books listed as “in stock”), and they’ve always been difficult about refunding me.

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I haunt local used book stores.

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