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Do you lead an interesting life?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) May 4th, 2012

Is it interesting because you can tell good stories about it? Or can you tell good stories because it’s interesting? What makes your life interesting (or not, as the case may be)?

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Not anymore. My life is about as predictable as it comes. Wake up, shower, get dressed, drive to work, work, drive home, maybe run an errand, come home, visit with family eat dinner, maybe help kids with homework, goof off online for an hour, take a bath, read a book, sleep


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I am always busy, always on the go and rarely bored. Other people say my life is interesting (or at least certain parts of it). I usually have good stories when it comes to the work I do for an animal behaviour company and I also work along famous athletes in my other job, those are the things people find most interesting!

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Not at the moment. I did go on a deployment to the north Atlantic and Mediterranean where I visited many countries. I really don’t like being on a ship and being deployed, but the travel is worth it.

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Not anymore.

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Well, it’s interesting to me.

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Well, not a lot of people can say that they had a crossbow duel in the Bavarian countryside to win the love and affection of a beautiful deaf girl.

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Mmmm….in some ways yes, in others no. Like @Leanne1986 I live in an interesting place and can share interesting stories about my lifestyle, but, all in all, I’m just another human doing her thing.

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Maybe more than some because of a job I have now where I may attend some functions that the average person does not get to attend, but people that have been doing this for a while would find it not exciting. It’s probably best described as being in the middle, not particularly boring, but not exciting by any means.

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My life, up until now, could make an interesting novel. I hope the future is less interesting.

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It has been very interesting. I suppose its interesting because it hasn’t been very routine. Through no genius of my own I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world, the dismay of near divorce, and the fear of incoming mortar and small arms fire. What makes it most interesting, though, is not me.. it is the people I’ve met along the journey.

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Personally, I find mine personally fascinating, since I am the person living it.

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Like @Coloma, sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on what is going on at the time. Usually no, now that I’m older, but it may just be my perspective that has changed.

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I have learned that I can tell my story in an interesting way, or not. I’m a librarian of sorts, and when you think about it, I think most people might be dismissive of the idea that a librarian could lead an interesting life. And yet, one day, after the Christmas break, I came back to my office to find my feet were crackling on something. I looked down, and saw broken glass all over the place. My office is on the 8th floor. I looked up and saw a small hole in the window, a little less than half an inch in diameter, with a cobweb of cracks radiating from that hole.

Now that was interesting!

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I kind of have @gailcalled‘s outlook. It’s interesting to me, but I expect others would be bored to tears.

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Being alive is endlessly fascinating.
I don’t really get bored.

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Not really. I go to school, work out, study, watch TV, get on the computer, read, eat, and sleep. That’s pretty much the extent of my activities on a daily basis.

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Not lately. When I was younger I used to do all kind of interesting things, but now I am happy to just sit and watch everyone else play.

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A life should not be considered anything else but interesting, beats the alternative.

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Well, then, how can people who think their lives are uninteresting change their view on that?

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I think so. Life’s always been kind of nuts.

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My life has been like 2 different people. First I was conventional in that I did what was expected of me. My career focused on 2 different fields and most are intrigued by both and I liked them both but was not passionate about either. So I chucked it all and went to the dogs, literally! I became a groomer, trainer, handler, kennel owner. I was passionate about that and still am. Anyone who is a dog lover is intrigued by this part of my life and I do have some good stories to tell. Throw into the mix that at age 50 something, I sold it all, packed my bags and moved to the other side of the world to marry a man I met on the internet. Since I have been here, I have lived a life that most Australians don’t have the chance to experience. I was welcomed into areas that have big signs that say no white people allowed. So all in all my life has been pretty exciting to me and people always seem to want to hear my tales so I guess others do as well.

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Yes I do.

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@wundayatta You mean interesting to others or to yourself? Sometimes those are two different things.

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It is to me and now my husband; he sent me a text about a month back saying how he liked our life was very active, always new things. I just evolved into an adult who “works hard and plays hard” and haven’t bucked it too much. There’s not much I won’t try at least one time (in relative safety), I love to travel about, meander, explore, gather people together, create adventures, etc.

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I think so, and people have told me specifically that a reason they like me is because I’m so interesting. I myself don’t find this to be as true as they do. I never really believe them. I think just my outlook is interesting to people—it’s realistic, yet generally optimistic and endlessly fascinated and fun. So, whatever. I’ve done a lot of cool things for being young, and I’ve had a lot of opportunities though they aren’t ones that people my age generally strive for—I don’t have a college degree and I’m not close to one, not in school currently, but instead I have lived in one of the prettiest places around doing anything I desire within reason and finances and seen the nooks and crannies of the humongous country I live in, and that’s an education and outlook all itself! So….maybe?

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I have been luck to be able to travel more than I ever imagined I would and have lots of stories to tell. I’ve been canoeing in the wilderness between Canada in the U.S., swimming off the island of Komodo, sailing along the coast of Maine, motor scootering for 3 months in Europe, singing in Carnegie Hall, San Francisco Symphony and S.F Opera. Those are high lights, and there are many more down the list. I still would like to go to Madagascar and Australia, but I’ll have to see how things play out.

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I hve been known to go to a Europe, Have and accident that severed my achellies tendon and continue with the project and work on 360 Volt 350 Amp circuits and equipment which reaches temperatures over 2100 degrees f. Then I travel home, get sowed up and travel to China then India.

This year I am working on a project in Mexico near the Texas border where armed conflicts, beheadings, and kidnappings occur on a regular basis. Yeah, I would say that my life is interesting.

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You guys tell me. It’s all out here on Fluther :D

My opinion about my own life… I never run out of stories from my past so… I think it’s quite interesting!

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@linguaphile: Personally, I think you have a very interesting event coming up soon. BTW, just what day does your birthday fall on?

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@gailcalled Laugh… yeah… The “surprise” party’s on May 12th, this Saturday, but my birthday’s in June.

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I have an interesting past but my present is pretty boring.

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@Nimis Interesting to whom? Oneself? Others? I don’t know if it matters. If you think it interesting, or if you believe others find it interesting, it seems to me that you could easily say yes to this question.

But for me, the question was more in the details than in the title. For me, what makes anything interesting is the story. Is it a story that you or anyone else wants to hear? Is it a story that you want to try to make so others will want to hear it? Indeed, how do you tell stories? How do you decide where to begin and end a story about your life?

I find that I can take any event and make it interesting or boring. So, for me, the real answer to this question is what you, the answerers, have chosen to do. I believe all lives are interesting. If you choose to say your life isn’t interesting, it’s not because it isn’t interesting, it’s because you don’t choose to tell it in an interesting way. It’s because you don’t see it that way.

Why don’t you see it that way? Unfortunately people who say they don’t have interesting stories don’t say what those stories are, so we can’t know why they are uninteresting. We can’t know how they tell the stories so as to make them boring. I believe I could interview anyone and then be able to tell their life in an interesting way. I don’t believe anything is inherently interesting or not interesting. It’s just whether we choose to tell it interesting or not.

And how do we tell an interesting story? For me, that’s all about picking the right beginning and ending. It’s about identifying the problem and then telling the story of how the problem was solved.

We have many standard story forms. Love stories: how did you meet your spouse and get married? That’s pretty easy. There’s the events that led to your first meeting, and then the end is at the wedding chapel. Hell, you don’t even need to tell the wedding chapel part any more because everyone knows that so well. We don’t even have to say “and they lived happily ever after.”

How do you decide whether your life is interesting? Now there’s a question I don’t know the answer to. I know for me it’s all social. I make my life interesting because I want people to listen to me because when people listen to me, I get some validation and then I feel like I matter.

I don’t know. Did anyone see this behind my question, or did I obscure it or ask it badly?

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