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How to solve this "statistics" problem?

Asked by silverangel (936points) May 4th, 2012

When Rohit plays a game, the number of points he receives is given by the discrete variable X with the following probablility distribution

Rohit can win a prize if the total number of points he has scored after 5 games is at least 10. After 3 games he has a total of 6 points. You may assume that the games are independant.

Find the probability that Rohit wins the price.

Further information that may be helpful:
E(x) =1
Var(x) =1

Can you please include explanation as well?
Thanks in advance :D

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Sounds a lot like homework to me. Especially the ‘explanation’ part.

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@elbanditoroso don’t worry, it’s not homework and I know the rules.
Besides I don’t need the entire answer, I just need some hints.

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You only have two rolls left. So make up a table – roll one on one axis, roll two on the other. You can easily calculate the probability of each combination occurring. Simply add up the winners.

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Redefine the problem by forgetting about the previous three games. Figure he must score a 4 or more in two games.

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@6rant6 Thank you :D
@LuckyGuy Thanks a lot

You helped me a lot :)

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