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Secret service?

Asked by babygalll (2753points) May 27th, 2008

What are those pins that the people who work for the secret service wear? Are they regular pins or is there something hidden in it?

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It is a pin that you get when you join the secret service club. It allows you to identify other members of the club. Kinda like the Shriners.LOL!

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If we knew, would it be secret?

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The service is secret, but the pins shouldn’t be. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND AN ANSWER!

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jcs~ tell that to the Freemasons

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it is just a service pin. All governent branches have them and wear them. I have two family members that work for the CIA and they always have their pin on when they are in a suit. It is simply a symbol of pride. To work for the CIA or Black Ops or the FBI is very hard. As with any life style job, people show it off.

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i think it pops open to reveal a smaller, more secret pin.

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Combination grenade launcher, walkie-talkie and inflatable rubber raft.

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