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What is the wierdest thing in your purse, wallet or bag right now?

Asked by Bri_L (12191points) May 27th, 2008

Mine is a cut out for a Kandoo ad of a Frog wiping his butt. It was a promotion that I saw for the first time when I had my first child. I laughed so hard because the frog looks so content. That and I just thought “they ok’d this? what drawings got turned down?”

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Wallet – A free game of mini-golf.

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hmm well aside from the fact that i have a hello kitty wallet, i guess the weirdest thing in there would be a VIP card to a sushi place. MMMMM sushi.

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the lighter thing that plugs into my car.

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Haha, MONEY. For a college student, that is WEIRD.

Other than that, I have my first driver’s license. I kept it in case someone wanted it for a fake, and then I noticed it printed right on there “Under 21.” Don’t know why I still have it…

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I’ll make a short list for you (I have a messenger bag I carry around so theres a lot of random stuff in there)
1. a tripod for a camera that’s not in there
2. a bleach pen (i never wear white)
3. a half a box of crumpled tissues
4. those ketchup cups from mcdonalds (no ketchup just a bunch of those cups)
5. mittins (its summer)

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i have instructions on how to play brisk. i already forgot how to play and now that i look at them, i dont know the context at all.

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I guess a condom, but then again that’s not too random.

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uberbatman: I think your actual wallet is weirder than the sushi card. =]
MisterBlueSky85: I’m with you on the college student having money thing. It sucks.. I know.

I guess the weirdest thing in my bag is one Vicodin pill. My friend just had her wisdom teeth taken out and asked me to hold it for her while we were at a party. I still have it.
Another weird thing I have is a penny that is cut into halves.

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I’ve got a $2 bill, a card decoding emergency codes, and a couple of mystery items that might blow my cover if I revealed them.

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3 matches, a take-out menu from a new restaurant called “YOUR ASIAN” (I kid you not), a Best Buy gift card with like 3 dollars on it that I found on the ground at school.

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A rainbow assortment of pills…all prescribed…some, even to me!

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I have three different types of a fragrances, a cool looking rock I found at the lake and a condom(xxporkxsodaxx said it was a little random so I added it)

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I have a fake One Million Dollar bill in my wallet. I received it in the mail and keep it in my wallet for some crazy reason.

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A blue glass stylized female fertility figure. She’s my good luck charm.

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Unfortunately I don’t have anything weird, but everyone at work knows where to go when they need something. I believe that my bag has special magical properties that make it bottomless.

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My hand…think about it.

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a little baggy of white eyeshadow (seriously), 2 pocket pc’s, a box of crayons, and 2 sephora catalogs.

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2 packets of pink emergenC

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I have about eleven vials of bubbles with little wands in my purse. My friend and I took them from an overpriced New Year’s Eve party we attended in a hotel and they are still there. Admittedly, it’s not a purse I use very often. I would imagine the soapy bubble solution is evaporated by now, depending on how well they were sealed. Too bad, we were going to use them at our own party.

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I have a coin that says “Heads I Win”(with a picture of a naked woman’s torso) and “Tails You Lose”(with a naked woman’s backside)

My Lucky Coin

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A receipt for a Gibson Firebird studio (like the best looking guitar ever!). The model was discontinued a couple months after I bought it and I never got mine. I got my money back but I still hold on to the receipt as a token that I did own one.

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An Argentine $2 bill. My college ID for when I go to the movies…. I graduated 5 years ago!

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my daughters tooth from playing tooth fairey one night.

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a periodic table, pics of a girl who im very close to, condom club card (50 condoms for $5!!! advantages of being a student), and nuclear launch codes.

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40 dollars Canadian that have been there for almost a year. My laziness seems to be paying off…

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There’s loads of weird things in my bag, but the weirdest thing us that I left it at work yesterday because I had to walk home.
In my wallet, the most novel thing is probably my appointment card to Holy Cow tattoo.

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Here’s a weird thing for a wallet: A lack of dozens of cards and crap I’ll never use.

- Debit Card
– 2 Credit Cards
– $20 bill

Add my iPhone in, and I’ve got everything I could ever need on the go.

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Probably the weirdest thing(s) are in my bag: a collection of at least 6 shelf hooks from work that have somehow made their way into my bag…

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I’m with Spargett, not much weirdness here. From time to time I have an excess of gift cards to different coffee places around Minneapolis, but I try to be as unfettered(little help on the spelling) as possible. I think that’s because for years I refused to use a wallet. Everything just went inside my front jeans pocket.

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A wine cork. Which was randomly placed there after a night of drinking said wine, and now my purse smells like wine and I’m afraid that if someone smells my purse they are going to think that I’d been drinking when really it was from a few nights ago. And I’m just a bit too busy to change purses right now, plus this one goes with everything! :) So I’m waiting it out until the smell dissipates. :-P

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I have a get out of jail free card (from monopoly) in my wallet.

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@ grim – that is awesome.

Here is a link to that picture I mentioned in the questioin.

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Heh, uh….. Eyedropper, superglue, four travel brushes, a watercolor set, a personal sketch kit containing pure graphite pencils in HB, 2B, and 6B, and a razorblade. Uh… that’s just some. I’m little-miss-prepared.

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A two dollar bill I have been holding onto for a few years. Oh yeah, and a couple of Susan B. Anthony dollars.

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Actually I just looked through my wallet and found a picture of Randy Jackson. Don’t ask why…because I don’t know. Dawg!

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@ scamp – you and I are scary similar!

@ jstringham21 – Excellent!!! That’s so cool tat you have no idea. If you remember make sure and let us know.

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wallet: 7,000 Colombian pesos. ... Thought I was rich until I realized they were Columbian. Suddenly my newly found 700 dollars turned into 4 bucks.

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@ shockvalue – here now you can have a $4 bird or a 7 Thousand Colombian Peso Mystical Winged Animal of Flight

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knitting needles!

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@ Bri_L: hmm, it was 10 different bills, know any birds I can make using all 10?

Bri_L's avatar

@ shockvalue: I know a flock of birds you can make. :-)

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a picture of andy Griffith.

Bri_L's avatar

@ playthebanjo – Sweet!

An aside the guy who wrote the theme song to Mayberry died last week. He also did the whilstling.

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I always whistle along with that. It’s such a catchy tune. It’s in my head now.

whatthefluther's avatar

Now you have me whistling it!

scamp's avatar

I googled and found the writer, and also lyrics! I didn’t know there were lyrics, did you?

Words to the Theme Song

Well, now, take down your fishin’ pole and meet me at The Fishin’ Hole,
We may not get a bite all day, but don’t you rush away.

What a great place to rest your bones and mighty fine for skippin’ stones,
You’ll feel fresh as a lemonade, a-settin’ in the shade.

Whether it’s hot, whether it’s cool, oh what a spot for whistlin’ like a fool.

What a fine day to take a stroll and wander by The Fishin’ Hole,
I can’t think of a better way to pass the time o’ day.

We’ll have no need to call the roll when we get to The Fishin’ Hole,
There’ll be you, me, and Old Dog Trey, to doodle time away.

If we don’t hook a perch or bass, we’ll cool our toes in dewy grass,
Or else pull up a weed to chaw, and maybe set and jaw.

Hangin’ around, takin’ our ease, watchin’ that hound a-scratchin’ at his fleas.

Come on, take down your fishin’ pole and meet me at The Fishin’ Hole,
I can’t think of a better way to pass the time o’ day.

Music by Earle Hagen & Herbert W. Spencer
Words by Everett Sloane

So now we can whistle, and sing!!!

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A fake $1,000,000 Dollar bill with The Prince of Bel Air head on it. Whenever I show it to people they freak out then start cracking up

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lmao! I need to get one of those! I use to have the fresh prince theme song as a ringtone, it would play everytime I recieved a voicemail….LOL.

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um, 17 packs of gum (no lie), a couple o paychecks, an abercrombie & fitch giftcard thats empty (I jus like the picture on the front), and a CD I made 4 my boyfriend that he can’t take home because his family is Hindu and its all Christian music.

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@ Sloane2024 ~ that’s funny… are all the packs of gum the same, or do you have a variety? BTW I have an old Borders shopping bag and empty Borders gift card that I’ve hung on to because they have a beautiful picture done by William Wegman of a weimaraner.

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lol, thank you. No, every pack is different. I’m a very faithful gum-chewer, and its not because I’m weening myself off of cigarettes. I just like it. :P

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A $2 bill that I won in a card game with a senior VP at work, the key to an apartment of someone whom I am no longer “with”, (nor does he live there any more!) and haven’t been with for years, and a letter that my mom wrote to my dad while he was in one hospital & she was in another. I forgot to mail it for her and she died about three weeks later. 14 years ago and it’s still in my purse.

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Whatever it is, it appears to be alive…

August 23, 2008, 7:31 PM EDT

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pen and paper (who uses that stuff anymore????)
a mini buddha statue
i usually have weirder things, but i half emptied mine out in an attempt to clean it up

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The ticket stub from the Channel Cat Water Taxi ride my wife and I went on a couple of years ago, and of course, my brand new Universal Life Church credentials of ministry ordainment card.

an atheist that is an ordained minister, now that’s weird.

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Diver’s license from ages ago. I don’t think I’ll ever use it again, but I like having it.

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Why do I have frozen blueberries in my bag? Well, they are in a ziplock bag (phew). Clearly because I might want a snack later. I do not suggest blueberries for a random snack when you are out. My fingers are purple.

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A pair of 3-D glasses. My roomate forced me to go see The Jonas Brothers 3-D Experience Movie with her. It’s an experience I’d like to forget actually.

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The weirdest thing in my purse is a tiny (functioning) harmonica. It’s about an inch long and a half in wide. I friend of my gave it to me and I keep it for good luck. It actually makes music.

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