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Should Khalid Shaikh Mohammed be executed?

Asked by Lightlyseared (30546points) May 4th, 2012

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the self confessed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks will finally stand trial at Guantanamo Bay. Will executing him (the logical punishment) give him what he wants and make him a martyr? Would it be better to keep him alive in prison, with no trial, no oportunity for him to tell the world what he did and why and just make him irrelevant?

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No. I oppose the death penalty.

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The thing about a military tribunal is, they can keep the records a secret if they want to.

I am pro death penalty, but I would not want to see it imposed here. Keeping him in jail for his natural life will prevent him from becoming a martyr.

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Assuming he is guilty, put him to work. Don’t kill him – that’s a waste of free manpower.

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I agree entirely with @WestRiverrat for the reasons he offered.

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Any idiot can destroy, but it takes great power to be compassionate, and to create.

So, sentence him to a life of gardening and farming plants and watching Julia Child videos.

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Sure give him death, just remember it’s better to make a convert than a martyr out of someone. :)

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I’m with @sinscriven
An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind Gandhi

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I don’t want him to leave Cuba alive. When he’s finally gone dump his ass in the Gulf of Mexico without any fanfare.

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What @sinscriven said, but force him to listen to Celine Dion, Kenny G and Barry Manilow. And Debby Boone on a 36 hour loop for special occasions.
That’ll learn him.

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Don’t kill him as has been previously stated: he wants to die a martyr and think of the 72 virgins who won’t have to deal with the evil little sod.
Make his life a real living Hell and forget him.
Don’t let the lawyers try and swing sympathy his way either.

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I’m against the death penalty, so no. Even if I wasn’t against it, I’d be against it in this case. He would love to become a martyr, and should not be allowed to.

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I favor the death penalty, but I can see the expedience of avoiding martyrdom. So I suggestone of those Scandanavian hotel prisons, hooked to a webcam in case anybody gets suspicious about his care, and then restrict his diet to fast food. Ought to sort out the problem nicely, for all parties.

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ahhh the fast food diet….get fat and die of malnutrition.

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No, as I am opposed to the death penalty. In this case, as it isn’t a proper trial, and the defendant doesn’t have unrestricted access to his lawyers and because his admissions of guilt were obtained under torture I don’t think it can be justified.

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No one should be executed.

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No. But he should definitely disappear.

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