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What are some ways to ask your girlfriend to marry you?

Asked by fireant4040 (181points) May 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I need some ideas

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Well, I suggest the memorable, non-corny route. Unless you know for sure that she wants her name in lights, avoid the jumbotron. Think what she likes to do, and target that. For example, my wife loves to go running and I don’t. I asked her to go for a run through Central Park (her favorite). I faked having to tie my shoes on a certain bridge, and took the ring out of my shoe (maybe a bit stinky, but…). Then I proposed. She was certainly surprised, to say the least.

Other people might say do something “romantic”, like on a trip to Paris. That would certainly work too, but is a lot more expensive.

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one thing is definite: don’t you dare use any of the answers here. Maybe use them as templates, but don’t copy. If she ever finds out that you copied someone’s answer here because you weren’t able to try hard enough/put forth enough effort to make something up yourself, special for her, you will be so screwed it’ll be sad for even your worst enemy to watch.

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Do you live together and have a pet? If so you could tie it to the collar and send it over to see her. :-) One of my friends did this with their dog it was so cute! He even dressed him up.

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I agree with bmhit1991, that would not be good.

I say you should remember back to your first date or even when you fell in love with her and pop the question. . Make sure you get down on one knee and make it romantic.

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One of the best I’ve heard is a room full of helium balloons, a hidden ring, and a straight pin.

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Heh, I read about someone doing that kevbo, except their attempt wasn’t so successful. The balloon escaped, along with the $20,000(?) ring.

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@kevbo, Nice, “popping” the question indeed.

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Here’s a wedding proposal built around a gallery opening. Obviously you can’t steal this idea entirely, but this was incredibly creative and downright awesome. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas:

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“would you sign this prenup?”

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It really won’t matter, as long as you’ve got a GIANT FUCKING ROCK!

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Buy her fave new iPod online from apple and have it engraved with the question.

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Start the conversation as if your going to break up with her…

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Cheerbdragon; when I first read your answer I thought it was a terrible way to ask, although after thinking about it it’s perfect. Having the though in your mind that the person you are totally in love with is going to leave you and then BAM he asks, “will you marry me” is priceless.

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these are all great but you’re right bmhit, I just want some ideas. I would never copy. I would want to make it special to her.

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@lovelyy and Cheebdragon..all i think about is the girl saying “oh finally its over!” eek

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Yeah, don’t pull some sort of sadistic bait and switch. Make it memorable and romantic. She’s going to want to share her proposal story for the rest of her life (and yours). You don’t want to come off as a jerk.

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Tears don’t hurt either!

My wife still points out the fact that I could barely speak, because of my own tears!

I’m tearin’ up, just thinking about it! It should also be a very special day for you! This is one of those things you hope to experience once in your life, so make it special! Think through every scenario, and you’ll find what’s right!


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Hopefully not like this guy.

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You know her. It has to be something personal, think of her interests, hobbies, the things most important to her and incoorporate them. What is most important is that she can tell that you put thought into the proposal, you thought about what would make her happy and what would give her a moment she could cherish.

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