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Am I weird because this tastes great to me?

Asked by laurenkem (3408points) May 5th, 2012

Okay, I know it’s strange, but I love this! Take a good salt bagel, slice it open and spread both sides with butter, then cover the bottom in Fritos (original flavor), put on the “lid” of the bagel, and smush it down. Yum! I’ve been eating these since I was in high school up north and could actually get a decent salt bagel.

Can’t get one down here. ‘meh.

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I do something very similar but minus the butter and with another chip/crisp brand. Actually, here on the island of Mallorca there are bars that will make that for you, they call it a “crisp butty”, only difference is they use a bun to make it.

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when I was a little kid I put sour cream potato chips and made it a sandwhich lol. i also dipped bread in miracle whip O.o

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That isn’t weird. People love all sorts of abnormal food combinations of all kinds. Unless you tell me that you like to gnaw on old car muffler, tastes in food don’t really make people weird.

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@Symbeline Thank you! Judging from the responses thus far, I’m definately not weird! But I did have a boyfriend once that liked to eat dill pickle slices and cheddar cheese on Lay’s Potato Chips. I think that might even be a flavor they make now – I know the dill pickle potato chips exist!

@poisonedantidote So, it was on a bun and you used other chips, but there was no source of moistness? I guess I’ll have to head to Mallorca to find out :) Wishing I could afford to

@chelle21689 That’s not really that unusual – I’ve met several people who tell me they eat mayonnaise “sammiches”, lol. ick, mayonnaise

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@laurenkem Yup, dill pickle chips do indeed exist. They’re my favorite brand, too, love em. what country you in? I’m in Canada, where we also have ketchup flavored chips. I thought everyone had those, but apparently the States don’t, or they don’t have them everywhere.

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@Symbeline I’m in the States, Florida specifically, and I’m sure the ketchup-flavored chips exist here. I’m just more of a purist when it comes to chips – I like the plain, ol’ unadulterated chips with salt.

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No,but it’s still gross. : )

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I used to like potato chip sandwiches with mustard. I still like the chips with mustard, but these days I forgo the bread.

Maybe a wrap…

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That’s a wrap, CW!

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“Chip butties” which are French fry sandwiches on buttered bread are, or at least were, a fairly common north of England snack.

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here in the uk that’s student fodder…crisp butties!!! Take any brand crisp and layer inbetween bread (much cheaper than bagels!!) yumm, for extra taste, add cheese spread or tuna and mayo mmmm xxxx

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Sometimes when I have a bag of Fritos, which is not very often, I will crunch up the Fritos in a bowl and pour salsa over them, mix and eat with a fork.

They also make “dill pickle” flavored sunflower seeds by this company called Spitz One of my co-workers is hooked on them and always has a cheek full of them, like some disgusting chaw.

When I was little, I definitely enjoyed putting chips on a sandwich with cheese and lunch meat. Doesn’t sound very appetizing to me now, but to each his own.

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You guys are seriously weird.

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If you want to watch me grow green, eat fritos in the car with me. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, I will open all the windows to get rid of that smell. Even if it is my beloved daughter eating the chips.

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Remind me not to do a coast-to-coast with you in that case, @wundayatta. Fritos get me through thousands of miles of driving in a day. Fritos and cranberry juice.

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Yikes! We would be horrible road trip mates.

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@janbb – I was going to say the french fry sandwiches too. I never saw them until I came to oz and at first was appalled then I tried them and they are good. And actually I think you don’t eat as many chips if you have them on bread so it is probably a better option than just chips on their own! (at least I rationalize it that way when I eat one!)

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Hey, I eat Grape Nuts cereal with butter. I’m sure not going to call you weird! I still love to put potato chips on my sandwiches, too. Gotta’ have that crunch. So satisfying!

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@augustlan – do you melt the butter and pour it over the cereal? or do you take a pat of butter and stick the cereal onto it? Either way auggie, that’s the weirdest one yet!

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@rooeytoo I semi-melt it. I guess really I just soften it, then I mix it in with the dry cereal. It’s like super crunchy, buttered whole-wheat toast. Yummy!

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Well now it does sound sort of good, I might try it!!! But I’m not sure if we have Grape Nuts here, I will have to check!

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@augustlan I love Grapenuts and I love buttered wheat toast. Never thought of putting butter on cereal, but now I’m intrigued. : )

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