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How to get Russian citizenship?

Asked by dimitri685 (74points) May 6th, 2012

Can someone tell me how to get a Russian citizenship as I wish to live in Russia. Please do not copy paste from websites and keep the answers simple as possibly

More info:
-Never went to Russia
-No relatives who are Russian or Citizens of Russia
-Have a Dual Citizenship with Australia and Philippines(currently in Australia)
-Not legal adult age but will pursue a computer science/IT degree or whatever teachers call it
-Willing to change German language course for a Russian one(school does not offer Russian language course)

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What decisions led you to wanting to live in Russia? Have you considered other countries?

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I am wondering what your problem is with copying from the relevant websites. I doubt if anyone will have the information in their head or from experience, so the only help you are likely to get it from the official information about how to do this. And even if people do know from experience, you will still have to go by the official rules.

So what are you looking for that is not contained in the official rules? Is it that you have read the official rules and don’t understand them? I’d like to help you, but I am not sure your question is answerable as written.

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If you don’t want info off the internet why dont you go to the Russian embassy in the country you’re in and ask them?

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I’m guessing that you might have a problem getting Russian citizenship (or citizenship to any other countries) when they find out that you have obsessions with Revenge and Assault Weapons.

Are you some kind of Lee Harvey Oswald wannabe?

I don’t mean to offend you, but you should seek help with a therapist before making any major life decisions like moving to another country.

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This is not a discussion thread mate. If I want this kind of discussion, I’d put this on a social thread.

I just want to know how to get a russian citizenship. And would you think i can wait five years for a license to get a rifle? No. Pistols are also banned from citizens in Russia. And besides, getting to the US is so hard that it would take a lifetime to get the citizenship, and much more an assault rifle

I asked because I could not understand the process because of too much info. I would just like someone to simplify the info

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@dimitri685 Why don’t you point out where you found the info (online, I hope), and then maybe people could read it if they want to, and help you understand various sections.

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