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Any one know of a good cheap breast pump?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) May 6th, 2012

I’m using the mipump (first years) it was $44 and it’s the electric single pump – it really hurts my breasts – but does work on one boob which is weird the other one doesn’t seem to like it at all.
So I’m wanting to buy another one – does anyone have any thoughts of a good semi cheap pump – electric or manual whatever is better?


I’m using it to increase milk supply and store it so my partner can feed her once in a while

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My experience was that the more expensive ones were more efficient and less painful. Can you rent one?

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A breast pump is not where I would go cheap. Find a friend that will loan you one or as @tranquilsea says, try to rent a good one.

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I can rent one from the hospital – is $120 considered cheap for a breast pump?

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Yes, $120 is a good price for a (good) breast pump.

I agree with the other posters—this is one place you don’t want to cheap out.

You’re better off buying a used Medela or other reputable (hospital grade or as close as you can get to it) pump and buying your own tubing kit and attachments (so that part is new—just the machine is used)..if you’re looking for a way to save money.

Last but not least—if you have medical insurance I’d check and see if it’s covered – even if just partially. With my first child my midwife actually contacted my insurance on my behalf, found that a breast pump was covered and had it delivered to my hospital room by a medical supply company (at NO cost to me) before we even left after having the baby. Nice, eh?

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No, but I’m willing to try.

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