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Biclyclists, do you clip in to the pedals? How did you get used to unclipping?

Asked by SuperMouse (30809points) May 6th, 2012

I recently got a new bike to go with the cycling shoes I bought for Spinning class (indoor cycling). Clipping in is a lot different on a stationary bike! Do any jellies have experience with clipping in and secrets for getting used to unclipping to stop?

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I would be surprised if it took you more than two or three unclipping events to get used to it.

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@Charles “unclipping events” sounds ominous!

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It was a couple of falling over whilst still attached to the bike, coupled with one event where I put a scratch all down someone’s car because of it – it eventually just, aherm, clicked!

I think the hardest part of it is that you have to think of a sideways movement, whilst travelling in a forwards motion.

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Try to predict when you are stopping and going to need to clip out, otherwise you will be frantically trying to unclip while falling over to the side.

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I’m still not entirely used to it. At least if you are indoor cycling you are not at risk of falling over due to being unable to unclip in time. It helped me when I started to think of the motion as twisting my heel outward, rather than anything to do with the toe or the clip itself. When/if you do transition to a non-stationary bike, most clip-ins can also be adjusted to be easier or harder to clip out. I keep mine on the easiest setting and that helps.

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