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Help getting rid of ants in the bathroom!

Asked by smile1 (493points) May 6th, 2012

I have ants in the bathroom! Small, and brownish.

What can I do to get rid of them?

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Easy peasy.

Go to the store (any DIY or large-ish grocery should do) and get some Terro Liquid Ant killer.

Tear off some cardboard squares (or use the provided ones in the box) and put a dab of the liquid in some places around the floor near the edges of the wall & floor where you see the ants most often.

Give it a few days – problem solved!

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For immediate, safe results, low clean up, use a spray bottle of NH3 and water or, if handier, Windex or window cleaner.

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Awesome!! I actually just realized I have some ant pesticides…but Im afraid to spray it in the I will try windex first!! thanks all!

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I too have used Windex and it does seem to work pretty well. After you have killed the ones that you see and wiped up the mess, you can put some borax or even baking soda around the perimeter of the room or in any other little spaces where you saw them coming through. Apparently ants don’t like to walk through powdery/gritty stuff.

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@Kardamom I love that fact! Kind of ironic considering the things the they’re more than willing to walk through.

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They don’t like cleanser either, which is always at hand in the bathroom.

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I buy little green vials of stuff in the asian grocery store. It comes in a box with 3 or 4 vials. I have no idea what the stuff is but you dump a miniscule amount in the path of the ants. They love the stuff and haul it back to home base and the whole colony is killed. Makes me feel kind of bad but I don’t like them on my turf so I do it. Guess that makes me a mass murderer.

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Windex contains ammonia. So a cheaper route would be using ammonia with a little water added.
I use ant baits. The more expensive ones like by the manufacturer Raid work really well.

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It sounds funny but salt is really effective to get rid of ants. You just have to put the salt directly to where the ants build there home and in the few hours you’ll notice that they will disappear.

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If you can follow the trail and find out where they’re entering the house, you can just use caulk and plug up the hole where they’re coming in.

If you can’t find where they’re coming in, I use a product called Grant’s. It works like the stuff @rooeytoo mentions, that is, they carry the bait back home and it kills the entire colony. I find that this product works so well that it will get rid of ants for 6 months or more. The Terro ant killer does not work on the kind of ants that we have around here. They simply walk around the product; somehow they are not attracted to it.

Yes, ammonia, Windex, borax and baking soda also work but only for a short while. The borax and baking soda get vacuumed up the next time I run the vacuum cleaner, so they have to be reapplied.

Another product that works great is diatomaceous earth. You find this in animal feed stores. The advantage is that it is non-toxic to humans and pets, and is “envrionmentally friendly”. But, like the baking soda, it is a powder and has to be reapplied if it gets vacuumed up.

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I have used Raid stakes in the passed and haven’t seen an ant since. You place them away from traffic (under the deck, along the shrubs, etc) and it works.

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