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What is the difference between Sookie Stackhouse and Elizabeth Bennett?

Asked by Salem88 (808points) May 6th, 2012

Besides being popular fictional heroines in different historical eras…....what’s the difference?

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A belated welcome to Fluther.

Is this question purely for your own inquisitive mind, or is it a homework assignment? I sure hope it is the former. Will you please let us know? It could make a difference on how we answer.

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Knowing nothing other than they are fictional and are from different historical eras, I can make a pretty good guess that they were the creations of different authors. Yep. That’s the difference.

But I bet that’s not what you were looking for. Perhaps you could be a little more specific. What kind of difference are you looking for? Character? Behavior? Plot lines? Looks? Clothing? Skin color? There are an infinite number of ways to compare fictional individuals. You’re going to have to narrow it down a bit if you want anything useful.

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Sookie is Charlaine Harris (I love that his name is Bob lol)... who’s Elizabeth Bennett?

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@Ela Elizabeth Bennett is the main character of Pride and Prejudice.

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Sorry, I’ve never read it. I almost watched the movie yesterday, though : )

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@Ela The (most recent) movie and book are both quite good if you have the patience for them. I also recommend Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. ;)

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Thanks : ) I picked up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter awhile back but decided not to buy it at the time.
I need to go to the library…

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@Pied_Pfeffer – It’s a home work assignment give by a creative writing teacher. She thinks she’s J. K. Rowling or something. So far, no one has helped me much. Maybe Mom or Dad can help me.

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@all – Will let you know tomorrow after class what the answer is. Still interested in ANY insight one may have. Thanks:-)

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Thank you for the honest response about it being a homework assignment. Unless the teacher assigned both books as a reading assignment, asking this question seems out of line. Was it an assignment to read both books?

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No, that would be punishment.

Just thought someone might read classics and pop culture for fun. It would answer some questions that have been asked of me.

Everything means something to me. Thanks

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