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Why do dogs turn in circles before laying down?

Asked by BASEBALLISLIFE (73points) May 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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I think it has to do with padding down tall grass; an evolutionary instinct.

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For good luck?

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My dogs don’t do this. Maybe they are too lazy to prep their sleeping space. They both just plop down where ever they want.

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Cats do it too.

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i guess they look for the best/comfortable way to sleep.

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I agree with AstroChuck it’s leftover from the when they lived in the wild. Their natrual instinct is telling them to walk in circles to prep their bed.

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My girlfriend says that this, combined with a bit of scratching is a way of checking for snakes in the grass/carpet.

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i could also imagine it being to check the surrounding, just to make sure

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It’s how you wind a watch dog!! ha ha!!

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