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How can I safely transfer my files and switch from Windows 7 Ultimate RC2 to Ubuntu across 2 hard drives attached to the same motherboard efficiently?

Asked by edmann13 (296points) May 6th, 2012

Windows 7 RC2 is installed in one. An Ubuntu partition, and a corrupted Windows XP partition are on the other one. I want to get everything on the one with Win7 on it. It’s bigger/faster.

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Burn a DVD with the files. Then copy the DVD.

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You can just boot Ubuntu, install GNOME Partition Editor (aka gparted) and use that to format the Windows hard drive (to ext4, probably). I would then recommend you to copy everything under /home to the newly empty hard drive and set that as the new location for /home. You can then simply delete the old /home folder (you might want to rename that before you set the new one as /home’s mount point) so free up space for the system. A big benefit is that you can do reinstalls of Ubuntu and re-use all your personal files and settings (though a backup is never a bad idea – in fact, you should set up a regular back-up by default).

Important to keep in mind, though, is that you probably only want to do this if you have some knowledge of partitioning (or have a recent back-up of everything and know how to restore it), because you could wipe all your data if you do something wrong.

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