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Will you share your thoughts on the internet movie called Thrive?

Asked by lloydbird (8735points) May 7th, 2012

I watched it yesterday and am curious to know what any fluther folk made of it. I’ll chip in with my own views on it later, however, I will say that, on the whole, I was quite impressed by it. But I do have some issues with it also.

If you haven’t seen it , you can find it here.

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It looked great, from the description…..But I couldn’t even finish it because it seemed pseudoscientific. When the narrator claimed he sees patterns in things which will help solve problems, I turned it off.

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@Blackberry Ok, but you can only fully comment if you’ve fully watched it really.
I would urge you to watch it all when you have time. You might be throwing the baby out with the bath water if you leave it at that..

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I started watching it yesterday in response to some prompting from an acquaintance. I’ve gotten through about a half-hour or so. I don’t have high expectations.

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It was a pretty good comedy, that David Icke and his lizard people get me every time

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I watched one of the trailers and being the cynic that I am I was intensely suspicious of it. It is very well put together and very glossy and designed to manipulate emotions like an advert for something impossibly wonderful.

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