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What's so scary about clowns?

Asked by judochop (16104points) May 28th, 2008 from iPhone

the circus is fun!

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i have no idea, maybe it’s all the makeup maybe it’s the movie It?
i for one am and have been since i was about five. my aunt took me to see ronald mcdonald outside of a supermarket; i have a picture of him holding me while i’m crying i’ve been scared of them ever since.

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what’s in those shoes? Giant white feet or crazy long, thick toenails?

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They eat people when they’re asleep.

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Anyone with an insincere smile is scary, but clowns take the concept of a pasted smile to a whole new level. Plus you gotta wonder what’s in those giant shoes and what it the bowtie is actually a razor sharp weapon and….....

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If you’ve ever seen lolly off deviantART then you would realise that anyone would fear clowns. hehe. besides that I think it leads down to just them being larger then life in many senses, lots of clashing colours, all that makeup, giant clothes. ‘tis mad.

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it’s the unknoown, it’s a fear of masks, i mean, i couldn’t care less for the shoes, it’s that face, or the fact that you can’t see what’s realy on his face, ugh, get’s me scared already

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They rape little kids and then kill all there family O_O AND YOUR NOT SCARED…..

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Guys um have you see judochop’s pic…........ er aa you don’t think judo is a clown…. eek

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I think I know why an entire generation fears clowns.

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Either watch or read Steven Kings “It” that will tell you all you need to know.

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It is that exaggerated painted on grin…PURE EVIL!!!

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John Wayne Gacy.

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Each child, like indv adults, have thier own sense of humor. What one person finds funny and amusing, another sees no humor or entertainment value. Take the latter and add piles of makeup, illl fitting clothes, “in your face behavior” and a look that is worlds apart from what you are uswd to seeing, and you have a good
recipe for the emotion of fear. Especially in a small child. My sister was terrified of pinnochio (same concept) and still is uneasy when seeing him, 35 years later


n a small child. used to seeing

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“They all float down here.”

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they are pure evil

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I would have to agree with pupntaco. Some scary things have been associated with clowns, and they’ve gotten a bad rep. That, and I heard that they all get together at night and plot on how to get rid of all the children of the world.

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Are You Afraid of The Dark did it in for me at the beginning with the creepy clown…..

I think they really just got bad rep from like movies and stuff, so everyone thinks they are freaky (all though an albino with a red nose and rainbow hair blowing 5 foot long balloons and turning them into dogs .. isn’t exactly something i personally would take pride in… actually i bet if i could i’d show off with it lol (not really))

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just for the record, I am not a clown. Muaaahaahahhaaaa.

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Haven’t you seen Stephen King’s “It”? Enough said….

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Stop it, judochop. I just wet myself.

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Are you sure that’s from the scare of this thread…....and not the description of a sneeze in another??

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CLOWNS!!! OMG!!!!!!!

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@robmandu….Poltergeist is EXACTLY why I’m scared of clowns, and then there is Pennywise.

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