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Does the San Francisco MTA have the right to ticket you twice for the same offense within 10 minutes?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) May 7th, 2012

Received 2 tickets for not turning my wheels on an incline within 10 minutes. This was ONE offense but received 2 tickets. Per 7.2.35 (below) there is no time-clock on the below violation. However, I can’t find any administrative code provision (aside from the double jeopardy crim law principle) which would preclude the MTA from making multiple citations for the same offense. Can anyone help find a statute/reg/provision which would disallow them from doing this so I can include such in my protest letter?


To Park a vehicle upon any grade or slope exceeding three percent without effectively setting the brakes and blocking the wheels of the vehicle by turning them against the curb or by other means. For the purpose of the issuance of a notice of violation of this Section, proof that an unattended vehicle Parked on a grade exceeding three percent was involved in a collision shall establish a presumption that such unattended vehicle was Parked in violation of this Section. (58(a))

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