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When is a good time to panic?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25284points) May 7th, 2012

Humorous responses are most welcome along with serious ones. It’s good to learn something while having a nice chuckle.

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When the shit hits the fan.

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When she says oh shit, that’s my husband.

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When she says “Didn’t I tell you my husband contracted with the government to train special ops soldiers?”

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As the semi truck swerves into your lane, and you make the last eye contact of your life. 0.O
When your bank has a merger and loses you in the shuffle.
When you realize someone you know is a sociopath.
When you see a Coyote chasing your cat.
When you lose your wallet.
When you run out of Modelo. lol

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After the fact.

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Never. Panic is your enemy. Even when things are the worst they can be, if you panic, you sacrifice your last chance at survival.

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3 weeks ago I opened the back door to investigate the incessant yapping of the neighbors dog and I see a coyote 20 feet outside my back door…apparently my dog saw it too and bolted out past me to make chase. When I made my first call to her to come back I saw another huge coyote laying back in wait.

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I agree with @josie.

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@cruiser What was the outcome?

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@Cruiser Yes, you can’t leave us hanging in suspense..did your dog escape the Wile E’s?

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If a giant is chasing you with a chainsaw, it’s probably time to harden the fuck up panic.

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@Coloma , @chyna Sadie went after the first one and chased it off property and the other one pulling up the rear I think was wanting to get as far from me as fast as it could.

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@Cruiser Good outcome then. I’m glad.

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Panic is actually kind of unnecessary when you think about it. It doesn’t do anything helpful.

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When your grandson says uh-oh after flushing the toilet

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When you hit “Reply All” instead of “Delete”.

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When someone on the Internet challenges your greatness.

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When you’ve realized I’ve stolen your stuffed animals.

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Panic is both the enemy and the life saver. The buck in the veld sees the imposing danger panic is there instantly, the adrenaline glands on her kidneys start pumping, her heart works faster and faster she runs like hell. The baboon jumps in the trees shouting and screaming swinging from branch to branch – fear fear fear. The stockbroker picks up two phones at once and can now only focus on one thing, he can’t hear anyone he wants to control the uncontrollable. The baby in the cot wakes up a deathly silence feels abandoned and fear triggers an ear piercing alarm – mother I am vulnerable. Panic is a instinctive survival mechanism in everything…oh how I have a love hate relationship with it!!...:))))

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In line at the bank/supermarket you fart &....ahem, follow through.
That shit’s for real.

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When you forget it’s trash day and leap out of bed on the verge of a heart attack to roll your monolithic trash can up your 50 ft. driveway on a 50 degree grade. Yep, that’s how my morning began, shit…looks like my heart withstood the stress. lolol

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Unless panic leads directly to behaviour that increases your likelihood of surviving a serious crisis, it serves no useful purpose.

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