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Is LimeWire legal?

Asked by Elfman (449points) June 28th, 2007

If not, what are the risks?

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Limewire itself is legal, while using it to share and/or download copyrighted material is not. Buuut since there's so much stuff on there already the chances that the riaa will sue you is pretty much null. lookup bittorrent btw

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The actual program is perfectly legal, as neonez has said, but using it to download any copyrighted material, even if you already own a copy, is questionable at best. The risks of downloading copyrighted material is that you will be sued by the RIAA or MPAA or another body like that. The actual risk is quite low, and can be even lower if you only download instead of sharing copyrighted material, though this will harm others in the Limewire network. Also you can search up "ip filter" or something, and use one of them, such as PeerGuardian, or Protowall. Those can be configured to block lists of IP addresses that are known to be used by the RIAA and others. However, this only decreases the chance of being sued, and is not 100% effective.

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The above answers are accurate enough. Be aware that the use of LimeWire may be against your Terms of Service that you agreed to with your ISP if you have residential internet access—they usually prohibit running a server of any kind (which is absurd and against the spirit of the internet as a network of peers, but i digress.)

Like the above mentioned, the ownership or operation of said program is not, in itself illegal in the U.S. at this juncture. Just like a 2“x4”.. it isn’t illegal, but if you do illegal things with it (downloading other people’s copyrighted works ) then you’re still breaking the law.

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