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What's a good program to design a warehouse?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) May 8th, 2012

We’re trying to design the insides of a warehouse with scaffoldings etc. but sketshup isn’t cutting it, instead of trying everything on google, i’m sure someone has done something similar to this.

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There are several competing programs, like 3dsMax, Maya, Cinema 4d, SoftImage, or Blender.
Of those, Blender is free, but In my estimation, Cinema 4d is the easiest to learn (and what I use the most. I also use 3dsMax, but I hate that one, really). The non-free programs are quite expensive though, and they are made primarily for visual quality (photorealistic lighting, effects and materials), not millimetre accuracy. For that you need a CAD program, like Autocad. Expensive as well, though, and not easy to get into.

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Are you looking for “build quality” or for just “moving furniture”? Autocad is hard to learn but can product blueprints to build with. ( Use to be able to get a one or two version old for next to nothing, like a student discount. )
Google SketchUp Pro is $495 USD, has design and display/layout components.

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