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Did the stimulus checks sending dates get move up sooner or is it a rumor?

Asked by micksarecool (53points) May 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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Got mine early. Others got theirs late.

It’s the government. What do you expect?

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Here is the schedule. I remember looking at the schedule a couple of months ago and it was different…so, yes, the dates were moved up.

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@rob…not to get too snippy here, but if you think private business could more efficiently pass out checks of varying amounts to 200 million people with less than five months notice, then you have clearly never dealt with a cable company/airlines/bank.

Have we gotten so disillusioned that when our extra $600 comes in the mail a little later than we were expecting we say, “it’s the government. What do you expect?” Geez.

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