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If I were to install glass mosaic tile over new bathroom vanity/sink, would I install the tile first and then put the vanity in or put the vanity in and then tile the backsplash?

Asked by jca (35970points) May 8th, 2012

I am getting a new bathroom vanity/sink and I want to install mosaic glass tile as a backsplash. The backsplash area is relatively small, and I think this is a project I can tackle myself. I saw some videos demonstrating how to install the tile, and it seems like it’s not that hard.

However, the videos I saw showed a backsplash in a kitchen, behind the stove. If I want to do this behind the bathroom vanity, would I do the tiles and then put in the vanity, or put the vanity in and then put the tiles in last?

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It would be much easier to put the tile in around the vanity. Otherwise, you’d have to know the exact height of the vanity to get the tile at the right height. Cutting the tiles is the hardest part of the DIY project. Good luck.

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You can’t be sure the floor is perfectly level and the vanity is cut perfectly square. You install the vanity first as best you can and only then will you know where to start with the back splash.

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I agree with @Dr_Lawrence. No floor is level. The vanity needs to be installed first.

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In my kitchen, my guy hung and installed the cabinets first and then the tile (4” x 4”) backsplash.

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Put the vanity in.

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Going against the grain here… but how big are the glass tiles? And how big is the back splash area? If you install the vanity first, depending on the size of the tiles you will or may have to cut them to fit the back splash area and you might get a cleaner look if you install the tiles first. The vanity and the floor may not be but you are not tiling down to the floor, right? You are just tiling a small part of the wall, yes? I would install the tiles first.

But, I think the best approach, not having more information on your particulars, would be to “demo” it all first, before you install anything. Measure everything, , get out your level and t-square, see what tiles you might need to cut, and temporarily attach the tiles and vanity and see what look you like better. Tiles first or vanity first.

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“straight” and “level” are going to be measured visually by the vanity top because it’s the closest horizontal surface.

So you’d want to have that in place to measure your tile grid if possible.

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We always do the the cabinet or vanity first and any tiling after. It’d suck to be even an inch off.

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Cabinet first, for sure. If you’re going to have a tall-ish faucet, I’d tile before installing the faucet, so it’s not in your way.

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