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When is Excedrin due back on the shelves after this recent recall?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) May 8th, 2012

Or can you suggest a substitute that contains the same ingredients. Caffeine,aspirin and acetaminophen.?

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Take an 81 mg. baby aspirin, one 500 mg. Tylenol, and drink a cup of espresso.

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Most stores (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, Target, etc) have some kind of generic Excedrin, with the same dosages. They say stuff like “migraine relief” or “migraine formula”. Just check the bottle for the list of ingredients.

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Go to Dollar General Store. They have the same ingredients as Excedrin at about one third the cost. I take this myself from Dollar general.

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Just look at the mg of each ingredient and buy them separately. If you get the headaches mostly from caffeine crash, you can prevent them by making sure you get enough caffeine throughout the day, and won’t need the pain meds.

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The original formula was 250 mg acetaminophen, 250 mg aspirin and 65 mg caffeine. You can get that and a bit more from one 325 MG aspirin, a regular strength 325 MG Tylenol (Acetaminophen) and a cup of coffee.

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I have been using the DIY version for years: I take an aspirin and an acetaminophen with my morning coffee. Wait, that sounds like I do it every day- not the case! When there first was an OTC migraine remedy, I looked at the ingredients and that’s all it was, so I figured, I already had all the ingredients, why buy that?

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