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For anyone who has seen the film, Lord Save Us From Your Followers, what is your opinion of it?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (25714points) May 8th, 2012

An acquaintance has twice recommended that I watch this movie. I’ve read a few descriptions, but haven’t found any real reviews of it. When a site popped up that offers it free of charge, I decided to give it a go.

Before investing the time in watching it, I’d like to reach out to the fellow Jellies and hear any comments from those that have actually seen it. Is there anyone who has?

Here is a link to what appears to be the main website for the source, in case anyone needs a quick reference.

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I saw it. I’ll be happy to have a private pm with you anytime.
For more thought provocation watch Waiting for Armageddon. That one is infinitely disturbing.

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Hmm, I have not seen nor heard of it. Looks interesting though.

The question caught my attention because I have a bumper sticker with that same statement (unused – I seem to have a collection of unused bumper stickers, lol).

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Here is a link to the movie. Lord Save Us From Your Followers

I really enjoyed it. It would make a great tool for a group discussion, particularly in US Christian churches.

@Trillian Thanks for the heads up on Waiting for Armageddon. I found this movie online as well. Indeed, it is very disturbing. Wasn’t that really the point of it though? ‘LSUFYF’ seemed more to be along the vein of, “Wake up US Christians and learn to play nicely with others, just like Jesus did.”

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There’s something you don’t see every day, a real Christian. If there wore more people like that I wouldn’t be so opposed to them.

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@Ron_C That’s the point that Dan Merchant is trying to make in his film.

The young woman who recommended it overheard me having a conversation with her co-worker. I was asking the co-worker the questions from Mama_Cake’s thread about _When Did You Choose to Be Straight? The young lady told me nothing about the movie except that I needed to watch it. She also said that she and her husband had a strong desire to travel around sharing Mr. Merchant’s sentiments.

I had a suspicion that it would be some extreme religious viewpoint designed to save my soul, thus this question. That suspicion was wrong. I’m looking forward to my next chat with her.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I guess that I got the point of them film. That type of Christian seems to be in short supply. The right wing type seems more concerned with condemning and punishing instead of up-lifting people.

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