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What bra would you suggest?

Asked by Sunnybunny (469points) May 9th, 2012

What brand and style of bra is best for someone looking for extra support? Not for size really but to combat the lack of perkiness that comes from having babies, nursing them, and getting older.

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Wacoal makes some of the best bras. I worked for them, and their construction and fabric is excellent. Get measured and fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. Fit matters to help keep your breasts in place. If the back of the bra is too loose you will sag down, and your straps will fall off your arms.

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Find a bra that has support for the outer sides of the cups as well as a standard underwire, maybe something with the lightest padding/lined because they give a soft shape. If you have small or sloping shoulders (or bigger boobs than the rest of your frame) then choose a convertible bra that can cross the back rather the a “racer back or t-strap- those last two just don’t distribute weight the same.

I have had fantastic choices from Victoria’s Secret, Maidenform and Vanity Fair but it’s all what fits your shape.

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Brand does not matter all that much to me, but style does. Soft cup under-wire with a side wire – a properly fitted under-wire is perfectly comfortable – I could sleep in it. I also buy from Decent Exposures – the choice of fabric provides the support and it you have odd measurement combinations they will customize the fit for you.

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I like Soma. They’re kinda pricey but they have a bunch of different styles and they last a long time.

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I get all my bras from specialty store where they fit you. What I have learned is that you want the chest part to be as tight as possible because that takes all the pressure off your shoulders. Since I’ve been properly fitted I haven’t had any problems with any of my bras. My current favourite brand is Fauvre.

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I agree with @tranquilsea about going to a shop that specializes in lingerie (but not Victoria’s Secrets.) The first time I went into one, the clerk didn’t have to measure me; she just estimated the proper size at a quick glance. I told her that the chest part felt too snug, but she offered the “don’t rely on the straps” explanation. I bought a few, and the back pain was gone in less than a week.

The brand I am partial to is Natori.

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Go to they have what your looking for

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@brooklyn1213 Not really, since I can’t wear plus size items. Maybe I didn’t describe myself right because I don’t need the support for a size issue. I guess you’d call it the effects of having multiple children combined with long-term gravity.

But thanks to everyone else for the suggestions of brands I hadn’t heard of. I will do some shopping around.

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