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What would you bring with you for 30 days alone out in the wild?

Asked by wilhel1812 (2872points) May 9th, 2012

I’m leaving monday.

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Water proof containers for matches and toilet paper. Of course the matches and toilet paper too.

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Bic lighter and a Bowie knife.

I could survive with just these two items.

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My motorhome. How wild are we talking about?

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A fully equipped Airstream trailer with indoor plumbing and fully functional stove and a stocked pantry.

I don’t do into the wild. However, when my good friend had to go back home to Montana from California to care for a relative that had had a stroke, in December, I packed for him waterproof gloves, extra hats and socks, lots of plastic bags, a red flag attached to a long pole, a flashlight, extra batteries, a bunch of high nutrition snacks (mostly nuts) a bunch of water bottles, a blanket, a bottle of Tylenol, a bottle of Pepto Bismol, a bottle of Imodium, some bandages and antibiotic wipes and a few of those “instant” heat packs. He was going to be driving, almost non-stop through a blizzard.

I had seen an interview with the Stolpa family, the folks that had broken down on a backroad during a blizzard. They got out of their vehicle and attempted to walk out. 50 miles later, they were trapped in a cave with no food or means of warmth. Ultimately they were rescued, but the couple lost some or all of their fingers, toes and feet. It was suggested by the experts that if you break down on the road, in a blizzard, stay with your vehicle and stick a red flag up out of your window so that you can be spotted by rescuers.

If you are going on more of a camping expedition, make sure to give your friends/loved ones an itinerary of where you plan to go and when you plan to be back. Take a whistle to use in case you need to call for help (you may not be able to yell if you are injured). Make sure you pack as lightly as possible, but make sure you have waterproof, insulated clothing and plastic bags or containers to keep everything else dry (including your feet). Bring several lighters and matches and small LED flashlights or a lantern, maybe one of those hand cranked ones that you don’t need batteries. Also bring one of those metallic-looking heat insulating safety blankets and a small, lightweight shovel (which can be used as a tool or a weapon). Bring plenty of lightweight, high nutrition food and some decontamination pills for water (in case you run out and have to drink rain or pond water). And bring a plastic mirror just in case you need to use it as a signal. If you get into trouble. Hug a tree, stay where you are.

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Your inner wolf? Lol.

Waterproof shoes.

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OTC Meds you will need, anti-diarrhea medicines, water purification, obvious food and shelter items, solar or crank charger for cell phone, camera, hunting and utility knife, fishing gear, signal mirror, multiple methods of starting fire, length of rope, waterproof tarp and first aid gear..

More importantly is what NOT to bring….anything cotton to wear. Cotton kills in the great outdoors.

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a diary….because the best of you will be in these 30 days….

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My mommy, a teddy bear & a reasonable sized spoon.

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Bear Grills.(sp?)

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