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Which two astrological signs are the most compatible?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) May 9th, 2012

Before you begin to date someone, do you ask their astrological sign? Are you looking for someone that’s compatible with you? Or, when you meet someone and you “just know this person is right for you”? The chemistry is there and everything just seems to fall in place.

Question: which two astrological signs are the most compatible and do you select a person based on their sign of the Zodiac?

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Each sign has others that are compatible with it.

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GAAAAAHHHHHHH! I’m trying so HARD not to be sarcastic so much! I beg you John; stop!
Answer; None and no.

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Trillan, there has to be at least two signs that can get along with each other. There has to be couple out there, that understands my question, no?

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It’s different for each sign. For example, I’m a Leo and according to some astrology sites, my “perfect match” would be a Sagittarius or Aries.

That being said, I married someone that is a Cancer and we get along amazingly. There are varying levels of compatibility in astrology. Here is one site that lists some compatible signs. You may find different things on different sites though. This site is very basic. Astrology can get much more in depth than just the basic sign one is born under.

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There’s no science to astrology, John. You surely know this. So any answer is nonsense. People could say anything they want and give you a bogus reason, and you wouldn’t know. That’s because there is no statistically significant correlation between astrological sign and life behavior. None. Zero. Nada.

Astrology is about telling stories. We can tell any story we want. You want compatible signs? Try Aries and Taurus. Little known fact. Very compatible. Marriages between Aries and Tauruses last 50% longer than all other marriages. Even when controlling for religion. Also, if you look at political party, height, weight and sex, Aries-Taurus marriages last 64% longer. It’s true. You can look it up.

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People are people, not signs. People get along, or don’t get along, with people.
Christ on a pony.
And your statement is false. There do not have to be two signs that get along with each other.
I enjoy playing around with astrology sometimes, but I place no actual credence in it. Nor do I believe that walking under a ladder will give me bad luck.

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I married an Aquarius, and instead of constantly butting heads and raging at each other, we are pretty great together with occasional friction. If I had married another Taurus, we likely would have already been divorced. =0) Apparently, a Taurus does best with a Pisces.

I don’t really buy into all that, though.

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The proper answer to your question can only come from someone who has studied astrology in its truest forms, not the garbage that shows up in America’s newspapers, magazines, and a lot of the websites.

Even if you were to get an answer from a person educated in astrology, my understanding is that there has not been a shred of proof that it is accurate, at least when it comes to identifying ideal matches for potential relationships.

My vote is to let nature take its course.

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Would two identical astrological signs wind up killing each other or would each understand the other person and thus more give and take in the realtionship?

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It’s hilarious to watch people’s heads explode when someone tries to discuss astrology. You may as well say you believe in God.

As David Foster Wallace said, ”... in the day to day trenches of adult life… there is no such thing as not worshipping.” In other words, there’s no such thing as believing in “no story.”

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Astrology is nonsense, and attempting to match yourself with another person on the basis of astrology is nonsense upon stilts. Life is hard enough without tricking ourselves into thinking that every coincidence is a marker of destiny. Taking astrology seriously can give you false hope for a relationship that will go nowhere and may keep you attached to a relationship that you would be better of abandoning. Anyone who wants to be in a happy relationship should focus on the things that really matter. This does not include the relative placement of objects in space at the time of one’s birth.

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Why do you persist? Why would you believe that an either/or scenario has any validity? You are apparently discounting the Chinese astrological signs. How can you account for them?
Why do you continue to identify people as “signs”? If you are chasing a perp, is he identified as a 5’10’ male Taurus?

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I think 2 like signs could be good or bad, depending on which signs.
If you get 2 controlling folks, or 2 emotional folks, I believe you would need more balance.

@Trillian A cop would have to ask the perp his sign to broadcast it. That would be done after the arrest. On your drivers license, there is your birthdate, a direct ssign. Chinese signs have to do with like ages, years instead of months. I think people of similar age, would be compatible.

There are 2 mathematical equations, used with planet alignments. People are strong enough, and love is strong enough to overcome any wayward sign.

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@jazmina88 What? You couldn’t tell a perp’s sign by speech patterns of behaviours?

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@serenade Indeed, it is true. When people say they believe in astrology, they are announcing to all and sundry that they don’t think the scientific method has anything to say to us. Of course heads will explode. I mean, how can you throw away millenniums of intellectual advances just like that?

At least with God, there is a history of magical thinking that persists to this day. Astrology has a greater history of acceptance that it is nonsense than religion does. So when people believe in it, you have to wonder what the hell is going on. Is this trolling? I mean, could a newbie get away with a question like this?

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@wundayatta, ... because astrology attempts to supplant chemistry and physics in explaining natural phenomena?

Is your statement not an example of all or nothing thinking?

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Uranus & peni….I mean venus.

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I always suspected you were a backdoor man.

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Ahem….tradesmen’s entrance if you don’t mind.

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Ah, harrumph. Yes, as you say. Tradesmen’s…How crass of me. I apologize sir!

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After 8 years worth of relationships with two different Tauruses, this Gemini is not going down that road again. Tauruses are loyal, and that is admirable, but they also want to circle their wagons and keep you inside the circle along with all the other stuff they collect.

This peacock’s gotta fly!

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Would two identical astrological signs wind up killing each other or would each understand the other person and thus more give and take in the realtionship?

The way I understand it, no one person ever shares an identical birth chart with anyone else—similar maybe but not identical.

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Astrological signs alone are not enough to determine compatibility, if they were almost everyone would have a lifelong match… 1/12 people would be a perfect mate?

Any-who I do not ask for astrological signs if it comes up it comes up.

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@serenade “Is your statement not an example of all or nothing thinking?”

Certainly not. It’s an example of what kind of thinking works best to explain phenomena in the natural world.

You do understand that science is a method for creating knowledge, right? Physics and chemistry are subject areas. Astrology does not attempt to supplant them. It attempts to relate the movement of celestial objects to events in individual lives. It does not define its units of measurement. It does not take rigorous observations of human lives. It relies primarily on the construction of narratives with no clear way of generating those narratives in a standard format. It’s not science. And it’s not knowledge.

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