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Why don't you have a tattoo?

Asked by Charles (4804points) May 9th, 2012

If they were free, would you get one?

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Psst. Tattoo


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Why can’t you spell tattoo?

To answer seriously, I am currently a couple of months too young to get one, and I’m not the type to run off and get one the moment I turn eighteen like so many people do. I would like one, and I have a couple of ideas, but I don’t want to rush into anything.

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No and no. I have no need for one. I’m not an artistic person, either.

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They make absolutely no sense to me. If it’s for art – I don’t like particular works of art for more than a short time. And even then, why wouldn’t I want it some place I can see it? If it’s some statement about my kids or “mom” or something, I’d rather display my “respect” through my actions.

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I’m chicken.

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i want a tattoo with my great grandmas name and death date but there too expensive for my taste if they were free sure why not

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I’ll get one if @gailcalled gets one.

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I don’t have one because I’m too young to get one and because I really just have no desire to get one. All that pain for something you’ll probably regret in a few years, and then more trouble to get rid of it if you do? Doesn’t sound all that great to me.

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When I told Mom that I wanted to get a tattoo, her response was, “Over my dead body.” That was 30 years ago. She is still alive, so I am just biding my time. :)

Seriously though, she gave some practical advice. It would be something that I would be pretty much stuck with for the rest of my life. Tastes and interests often change over time, as well as body shape. In my case, she was right.

While I still harbor a secret desire to get one, the SO would also prefer that I did not. NOTE: It wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for him. Since Mom and the SO are two of the people I respect the most, it is a no-brainier for me. I am now content to appreciate the art work on others.

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Just haven’t gotten one yet, but I do want one. A small one. On the side of my calf.

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A lifelong reminder of a temporary feeling?

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Because i’m allergic to pain, a big soft wimp & slightly wary of little pricks.

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If they were free,
I’d get multiple.

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No, I just don’t get why people get tattoos.

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I want one, but I want to be sure that my idea is really what I want. I’m not entirely sure where I’d put it, either. Until I make sure of everything, that’s why I don’t have one.

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If they were free, I’‘d get one. A tiny bumblebee on my butt.

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If they were free, I’d get one in a heartbeat! There are just a lot more pressing things that I need to save up for. I’d get an astrolabe on my upper back. I think they’re visually interesting and a great example of human ingenuity.

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What’s the point of putting words, designs and pictures on your body? I don’t get it. Tattoos seem so worthless to me and a very cheesy form of art. Also depending on how good the tattoo artist’s sterile technique is there is a chance of gettting blood poisoning including hepatitis and AIDS.

Get a tattoo for free? HA! You would have to pay me a huge pile of gold coins before I’d get one.

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I’ll get one if Milo gets one.

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I have two already, and I’m saving up for my third. If they were free I’d be covered in them by now.

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I’d get one of @gailcalled and @milo I know he doesn’t have an @ – but he should.

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- Ill get old and it will look like shit.

- Ill get bored of having the same one.

- It would hurt my chances of getting a job.

The only way I would get a tattoo would be if I could implant some pigmented nanobots under the skin so they can change shape to change the picture, or be turned off to make the tattoo invisible.

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My boyfriend doesn’t like tattoos and I have been with him for longer than I have really wanted a tattoo so I would not get one now without knowing that he was 100% happy about it. I love tattoos and have three in mind that I would really like but, whilst I don’t think for a minute that it would cause him to not love me any more, I worry that he wouldn’t be as physically attracted to me with tattoos because of how much he doesn’t like them.

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@Zensky: MIlo here; Why should I ruin perfection? I was born with a black mask over my eyes, a black tail and a pristine white body with a black Barney-like patch on my rear shoulders (or whatever they’re called.)

And with me around, no one would give Gail a second glance. Spend money on her? Not a chance. I’ll tell my lawyers to make sure that she isn’t kiting checks at tattoo parlors.

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Too much of a commitment. I have learned to never say ‘always and forever’. I know I would get really tired of it and want it gone in less than 10 years.

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Because I’m a weenie when it comes to pain.

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I’ve never found anything that I like that much. The pain doesn’t warn me off. I think it would be interesting….just never did it.
I think me and a friend should get matching “Fiend” tattoos.

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^^^^ Should read “A friend and I.

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That wasn’t me. It was Milo. Srsly.

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Because I have not yet found the image I like so much that I’m willing to commit it to skin.

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