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Approximately how strong is OxyContin (80 mg)

Asked by Reggz (149points) May 9th, 2012

It’s kinda vague, but how strong is OxyContin? Compared to Morphine or Percocet, etc…

I don’t take any strong painkillers, I’m just curious because my boyfriend does.

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Welcome to Fluther, @Reggz. Oxycontin is a VERY powerful analgesic, and it’s also very easy to get addicted to it, as it not only relieves severe pain, it induces a feeling of pleasure and euphoria. This chart rates OTC pain killers with a standard aspirin being 1, and rates prescription analgesics with 200 mg of Celebrex being 3.7 in relation to the 1 of an aspirin. According to it, 80 mg of Oxycontin would equal 17 times the pain-killing power of an aspirin. In comparison, a 30 mg dose of morphine sulfate would equal 9.

If you’re taking it, be careful with it and be religious about following your doctor’s instructions and reporting results and frequency/dosing. If it could get a right-wing blowhard like anti-druggie Rush Limbaugh addicted, it’s high octane stuff not all that different from heroin.

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@ETpro is right. To add to that, you only need 5mg to take the edge off pain, and 20mg to get high, so 80mg is scary stuff.

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If there is any chance you are thinking of taking this along with the welbutrin don’t. Could be extremely dangerous.

Is a psychiatrist treating you? Or, is it a regular GP. If it is not a Psychiatrist, I really think you should go to one.

If your boyfriend takes that much oxycontin regulary, daily for more than a couple weeks, he is most likely addicted and needs to address his addiction.

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I seem to remember reading that persons high up in the original manufacturer were facing criminal charges from concealing how addictive Oxy is.

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I sure hope all the empty script bottles are being destroyed before they go out into the trash. If anybody finds out there is someone using who is living there you could be setting yourself up for some serious trouble. People have killed for much less. That oxy is some bad stuff in the wrong hands.

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An 80 mg does of Oxycontin is very dangerous for someone who is not opioid-tolerant. It can be fatal in fact. Oxycontin was developed as a time released pain killer for cancer patients. It is one of the most widely abused pain meds on the market. Oxycontin contains an opioid agonist, highly addictive and is intended for patients with severe chronic pain. After a sucessful lawsuit in 2007 for misbranding the drug, the companies president and others were sued for over $600 million.

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On the OC80s huh?

They’re strong. If you’ve tried some other opiates, @Rarebear‘s link will give you some indication WRT comparible dosages.

Every now and then I like to relax with a bit of morphine (over-the-counter in the UK, no street-drugs for me thanks). A couple of bottles of peppermint & morphine syrup will get me pretty faded. Nodding, perhaps, if I have some whiskey too. And that’s only 40mg morphine… oral!

When I was in Vietnam, I could buy OC20s over-the-counter… now a couple of those would really mong me out… definitely unable to drive/ride. I think an OC80 would fairly destroy me.

Now this is even with having a not-insignificant tolerance from using opium/codeine too… Never heroin though (couldn’t get it pharmaceutical grade… also afraid i’d like it too much)….

So the point really is, 80s are strong, even for someone with tolerance, but tolerance builds up and up over time, so for some people they really are needed.
Tolerance has a BIG effect when it comes to opiates.

For someone with no tolerance, it is TOO MUCH.
Like, beyond the recreational dose… it’d probably make them really sick, perhaps endangering their life.

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