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What's with all the sex questions?

Asked by heyu1021 (262points) May 28th, 2008 from iPhone

All I’ve been reading lately are sex questions on here!

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Is it you or the site?

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I would guess it’s because people want honest answers and they feel comfortable asking.

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Tapping that ass-collective.

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jlelandg wins this thread.

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The majority of this collective is based in the USA. Take that in to consideration. We are a country where sex is taboo and sex education is looked at as taboo. As with anything taboo it will raise questions.

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I feel it’s simply that people are always going to want to have answers to such a taboo element of Life. We should be able to talk candidly about it though, we all do it, we all know about it, and we’re all always curious about it. It’s human nature surely.

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because people feel comfortable talking about that kind of thing where they aren’t being seen in front of people, its all about the confidential factor, and its interesting

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Some what anonymous way to find some what honest answers ;) Finding answers to those sort of questions in face to face situations can be awkward, online it’s less so, and on here you’re less likely to get laughed at or made a fool of (someone else can open this point for discussion elsewhere)

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We need to arrange a Fluther tour of mainland Europe to rid y’all of yer taboo’s….....where’s iwamoto when you need a tour operator for such things?

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right here love, i’ll show those sissy boys what holland is like, ha ha, where you can get a blowjob for a pack of ciggaretes, and where confiscated goods can get lost (someone broke in to my grannys house, they caught the perp, took back the stuff….and lost it in the police station, can you fcking believe it?)

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loser, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read on fluther. so great. did you mean it?

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I guess if you click on a sex question you’ll probably read it. Try not clicking on them and then you will be saved from reading.

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You are the one that did the search under the topic!

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People like sex…

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Did you, by any chance, specifically look for sex questions? ;)

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By my observation Fluther is still riddle with sex questions, by a overly high amount. But as been spoken of before, Fluther is based in the USA and here sex is desired, sought after, talked about, and dreamt of, discussed ad nauseam, and used to sell just about anything. People want to do it all of the time, the questions could be to say ”I am getting some, are you?”, It is seen, if you are not ”boink worthy”, you are somehow flawed like some circus Cretan, or some boring geek or nerd. Everything sex is open to view, so long as you never actually see anything, but an “almost real simulation” is all the rage. Oh, before someone gets twisted I am not talking illegal stuff, but all the wicked, kinky stuff….heck, we are good to go. It is what everyone wants to do and talk about but semi openly, and certainly not in graphic detail; well maybe sometimes, best to hear it audibly then see it fully.

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