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A question for the ladies (and possibly men)...

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) May 10th, 2012

Just wondering, due to boredom and currently situations, is playing piano an attractive feature feature? talent? skill? idk in a man? Just wondering.

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I find any musical talent incredibly sexy.

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I would appreciate it, but it certainly isn’t necessary. If you like it, do it! :)

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I honestly think that any kind of talent makes a person more attractive. And I’ve personally found people with musical talent to be more passionate and have more “depth”, if that makes any sense.

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I really enjoy having men play instruments for me. Piano is really really nice though, especially if they’re good. So yes definitely attractive. It kinda bugs me when my musically talented friends are shy about playing in front of me.

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I think so. Imagine being able to play a song for your girlfriend? It would be lovely. I think it also shows creativity and dedication.

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Dexterity with the fingers is never a bad thing, tickle away.

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If you find yourself doing or trying to do things “because women might like it if I did this or that or the other thing”, then they won’t like it, as a rule, or only the wrong ones will care.

Do what interests you, regardless of what others think. The right woman is going to find that irresistible.

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When I play the piano, I find myself incredibly sexy. So. yes, it is a turn-on.

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I play trumpet. I don’t really feel sexy. But there are times when I feel ecstatic. And it’s nice to get high fives when I get down off the stage.

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Yeah dude, women love that type of shit. I totally wish I could play piano. It’s like waving a “I’m a classy motherfucker” sign :)~

“currently situations”?

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Yes, it’s attractive. I had one boy friend who played and I always enjoyed it. I liked singers too. Music is a great thing to share.

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Of course! Musical ability is always a good thing.

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For me, yes! I love any evidence of creativity.

I had a crush earlier this year who played piano. I didn’t even find him all that good looking, but watching the passion he felt towards his performance was downright sexy.

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A musical talent is definitely something I admire in other people, because I’m not diligent enough to learn how to play an instrument myself. So yes, a pianist’s talent would be attractive to me :)

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Yes, playing the piano is lurvely. Pretty much any musical talent is lovely, but I really like piano music. Some other (wo)men might feel differently.

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I would personally love it.

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I’m gonna show my son this when he’s 18. Right now, he is constantly asking me why I make him practice (piano) so much.

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Passion is just god damn sexy. If piano is someone’s passion, it would definitely do something. And quite often piano-guys are very attracting.

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