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A question for the women. See inside.

Asked by john65pennington (29248points) May 11th, 2012

How do you tell a man that his “fly” is open? In other words, some dude has just left men’s room and forget to zip his zipper. This is rare, but it does happen.

You are a lady and happen to notice that Billy Boy is walking around with his fly open.

Question: how do you tell a man that his zipper is unzipped? Do you whisper it in his ear? Write him a note? Or just point downward in the general direction of his open door?

Anything goes.

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Oops – 1, 2, 3, examine your zip…...with a great smile…:)

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Male or female, I ask the person if I can speak to them privately. Once we are in a private setting, I let them know. It becomes our little secret and saves them from potential public embarrassment.

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“Hey, man, your fly is down.”

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Xyz. Examine you’re zipper.

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Dude, do you not feel a draft?

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Take them aside and whisper “Your fly is open.”

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“Dude, your cow’s sneakin’ outta the barn.”

“Hey, your fly’s down.”

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It pays to advertise?

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I wisper in their ear xyzpdq, examine your zipper pretty darn quick

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I usually don’t notice.
Last time I told someone their fly was opened he said “I’m advertising.”

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Probably a subtle nod or point towards their fly.

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In Pittsburgh, we have a saying—“Kennywood’s open” that means your fly is down. Guy or girl, doesn’t matter who says it. It’s just what you say, no big deal, not awkward. Kennywood is an amusement park in Pittsburgh but how that saying came to be I have no idea! When I moved away from PA though and to a place where no one knew what Kennywood was, I now find myself feeling very bizarre when I have to tell someone that their fly is open and usually I just don’t do it. Haha!

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Damnit @john65pennington, admit it, you just wanna know how many women lookit dude’s crotches! :p

Ahem. If it’s a complete stranger, I don’t say anything. I mean it’s not because I hate everything and don’t want to help people, but what am I, some kinda zipper police? Besides it’s not going to kill them. But if I do say something about it, it’s fairly simple; dude, your fly’s down. No secret notes, no super megalomaniac plans, I just let em know…and the journey is theirs, from then on.

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