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Are many Brazilians known for perfect bodies because of surgery?

Asked by chelle21689 (7272points) May 11th, 2012

I’m not saying that there aren’t a good amount of them with nice curves, but it’s a stereotype that so many say that Brazil is the place where you find the most aesthetically beautiful people in the world. Is it not coincidence that it is also ranked as one of the highest places that many get plastic surgery? Not only that, but it’s affordable to many and also highly recommended for the best doctors.

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According to this Brazil is ranked third highest for cosmetic procedures.

I do happen to think the beauty is in their genes, though. Brazil butts are known worldwide.

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Not just Brazil, but also places like Miami and Los Angeles are considered to have hottest girls…and those cities are heavily influenced by plastic surgery and appearance as well.

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The population density of good looking women is more correlated to locations with high median income than locations of a country. The hottest women are usually in the wealthier neighborhoods in Brazil or in Los Angeles. Go to poor section of Brazil or LA and you’ll find out of shape, homely men and women.

Tight butts get rich husbands.
A man will marry the best looking woman he can afford.

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Their bodies were like that before the surgery, most likely. Some of them just have curves, similar to some just having flat butts. It happens.

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blackberry, that doesn’t make sense. your statement I mean. If their bodies already look like that, they get surgery to get it to look like that? I’m talking about boob implants, lipo, butt fat injections, etc.

China is high in plastic surgery but they don’t like curves so many don’t get them. I think the rest of the world favors curvy though.

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@chelle21689 Some look like that, and some don’t. Just like anywhere else, you will have people doing these things to look like other people. Then, you have people who may have these things, but want them enhanced or bigger.

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I’d argue that “cosmetic enhancement” doesn’t make for a perfect bod, not by any means.
Fake titties being a prime example.

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Plastic surgery in Brazil is also relatively cheap and provided free or at severely discounted rates to the poor. and is a mecca of medical tourism for plastic surgery for people from other countries. According to this site about 48,000 people travel to Brazil every year for plastic surgery. I don’t know what percentage of plastic surgeries performed in Brazil are accounted for by foreigners.

Anyway, I don’t know if Brazilians are more attractive than anyone else. Perhaps we only see the lovely ones. And if they are, if it is due to surgery. It seems like something that would be difficult to determine without some kind of fairly rigorous research and studies addressing the subject.

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Brazilians also work out a lot from what I remember. They are very into health. I have heard butt surgery is the most popular surgery in Brazil for body changes, while in America it is breast augmentation. I think that means a lot of them naturally have great backsides, and also a lot of people feel pressure to have a great backside.

In Miami the mannequins in shops windows literally have a more Latinesque figure than mannequinns you see in the upper midwest for instance. Slightly more swayed back and bigger butt. I notice it because I worked in retail for years, lived in FL, am married to a Latin American guy who is into asses (just to fit the stereotype) and I don’t have one of the butts, and my back is straight.

Brazilians have a lot of mixing of races. I tend to think it makes for beautiful people. Although, the Dutch tend to be beautiful too, and they are probably mostly from the same gene pool in that part of Europe, except for in recent years as there has been more immigration to the country. Venezuela wins Miss Universe quite often, so I think they have a stereotype of beautiful women too

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I live in Rio and yes, there are some real stunning lookers—i think it’s from the wide interracial mixing that naturally happens here. But on the whole, @Blackberry is right—it’s more correlated with wealth than anything else. Brazilians on average are just the same as Americans when it comes to looks. The butt thing comes from African genes, but so too does a propensity for weight gain. The obesity index down here is quickly reaching the levels of the US.

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