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What would you like your mission to be?

Asked by mrlaconic (3985points) May 11th, 2012

This question is particularly aimed at the ladies but anyone is welcome.

If a someone were to ask you on a date and the way they asked you was with a hand written note that started with

“Your mission if you choose to accept it is….”

What would you like your mission to be? What kind of activity would draw you into wanting to show up?

I guess I am really looking for creative ideas that create adventure

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to walk along a lake in the woods looking for rare mushrooms or birds or flowers and have a picnic.

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Woman on a date with a new guy:

“To find out what your income is, what your debt is, what your net worth is, your STD test results, your likelihood to become an alcoholic, your likelihood to beat me, your likelihood to cheat on me, your likelihood to keep a job.”

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” participate in a covert assignment with Special Operations Command, in conjunction with Galactic Terran-Vasudan Intelligence.

Our primary objective is to provide the Alliance with accurate and comprehensive information regarding the tactics, technologies, activities, and strategic objectives of forces hostile to the GTVA.

Missions with the Special Operations Command are carried out deep in enemy territory, with minimal logistical support. Our behind-the-lines activities include infiltration, sabotage, surgical strikes, and intelligence gathering.

You will be working undercover within the Neo-Terran Front, leading Alpha wing of the 185th fighter squadron.

Your contact in this mission is Lieutenant Commander Christopher Snipes, an allied officer who staged his defection to the NTF six months ago. As squadron leader of the 185th, Snipes will advise you of your mission objectives both as an NTF pilot and as an allied operative.

You will be equipped with a device that will enable you and Snipes to communicate over a secure frequency in battle. NTF ships will interpret your transmissions as targeting data.

The focus of this covert operation is the NTF’s ETAK project. Because access to information is restricted to the highest echelon, our knowledge here is limited. ETAK involves the development of a new, cutting-edge technology, possibly a weapon of mass destruction.

Admiral Bosch oversees the project directly, and the rebels are constructing a prototype on the Iceni command ship. We need to get a closer look. Even a scan of the Iceni would be valuable.

We are working with the full cooperation of Vasudan Tactical Command and the Terran 6th Fleet. The probability that you will engage allied fighters will be minimal. However, should you come under allied attack, you have limited authorization to return fire in self-defense or to complete your mission objectives as defined by Lieutenant Commander Snipes.

Show restraint, and use your judgement. ”

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My mission if I choose to accept is…lose my belly fat. And in that I shall fail miserably! : )

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Break stuff and watch zombie movies.

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…rendezvous with the subject at 08:00 hours, at <insert name of laser tag place here>. You will recognize subject by his faded jeans, blue flannel shirt, and lopsided smile. Your goal? Shoot the subject as many times as possible, emerging victorious.

Afterward, accompany subject to <great little pub> to exchange pleasantries, scan menu for most delicious items, consume said items and possibly alcohol, and discuss future joint missions.

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