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Where can I get a map of the internet?

Asked by girlfriday (206points) June 28th, 2007

I'm looking for a usage map and a load burden map. graci.

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no offense, but...
it's grazie.

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Hmm ... I think they put one up right at the entrance of the internet. Just head south after the portal. It's beside the tourist office :-D

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There's also this:

(Live load burden & latency mapping)

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I think these maps from xkcd (internet cartoon) are amazing and still quite useful:

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@ben great links, mate

@lercio I think your first, second and last links are broken. shame.

@bpeoples great link too :)

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Perhaps not exactly what you were looking for, but..

this, this wiki page along with this (or redirect here from the last two) & definitely this might be interesting.


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