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Is a win a win even when it was sort of handed to you, or is it better to win after actually beating your opponent?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26843points) May 11th, 2012

If you win a match or championship because your opponent was injured and wasn’t playing their best, which you and everyone else know, is the victory still as good or not so because you did not best them on equal terms? What if the other team forfeits and not play at all as in this incident, does the championship comes with an asterisk? Does it say ”They are the champions but they may not have been the best team”? Be it by injury, forfeit, disqualification, is the win just as sweet as if you bested your opponent and actually beat them?

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If the team forfeited because they’re little sexists in training, then if there is an asterisk, it should mention that.

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They were the best team under the rules of the game on the day of the championship.

The sweetness of victory is different for different people. And there are never equal terms, otherwise everyone would be in a tie. One is always better than another.

This question really brings out how 2nd place is considered to be a loser, despite being the second best, better than everyone except one team or player. That’s why Olympic bronze medal winners are often more proud of their accomplishment than the silver medalist.

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A win is a win regardless. Having to put forth the effort just feels rewarding since it feels that the effort you put in was worthwhile.

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’‘Field of conquest?’’ Dude that’s totally the most epic tag I’ve ever seen. just sayin yknow?

’‘bangs chest with fist’’ NO! Victory must be achieved through honor, with all adversaries cognizant as full as the swollen moon, and all with blades equally sharpened and ready to make sparkle the blood under starlight! The weak and the sick have no place on the field of conquest! shiiiit he threw sand in my eyes

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Defeating your opponent on his/her best day is the sweetest victory. For example: beating Michael Phelps in the 100 meter freestyle isn’t really impressive when it’s learned that he had a broken leg and pneumonia.

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I consider it more of a win when you beat them. However in this case it is still a win. The better team won. The team with the open mind. To win any competition, you still have to use your mind and apparently the other team was unwilling to join this era.
Lets take boxing for an example. If a boxer got in a ring today with a boxer who insist on using his bare fist, than no one would consider it a non win for the other guy. In our rules of today, gloves are worn.
Well the boys team wasn’t willing to go with the rules that doesn’t discriminate against a girl on the opposing team. It’s call being a bad sport. Bad sports should never play. Whats to say they didn’t forfeit because they knew no one on there team had a chance against her skills and they simply didn’t want their ego bruised by having a girl beat them?
Their coach did them a disservice. Then again he may have been trying to save his job. The school probably would’ve fired him for disobeying their rules. If I had a son their, I would’ve pulled him out before they ruin his mind and he not only loses games but loses in life. I certainly wouldn’t pay someone to teach my child discrimination.
Then again maybe they felt that their little horn dogs wouldn’t be able to keep themselves in contol around the only girl in the field.

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I’ve worked a long time to get rid of the competitive side of myself. I felt I always had to be the best. I was such a bad loser, that I preferred not to compete. It was ridiculous, but I couldn’t accept losing and it made me miserable. That means I forfeit the joy of winning. I’d take the injured player out for a beer, rather than compete.

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In what context? A win is a win as far as stats go. But a true butt kicking is what makes you really feel good.

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@PurpleClouds In what context? In the context that those close to the situation or watching the competition know you were the better player/team. That the win did not come because the other person was DQed, wasn’t 100% because they had an injury or an illness, or they forfeit so no one really knows if you would have won had they been at full strength and you would have beaten them while playing their best.

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No, the victory due to a forfeit is no where near as satisfying as an actual win. But it does further the cause, just the same.

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Technically speaking, a win is a fair win as long as it’s by the rules. But if I win in such circumstances, where victory is handed to me so easily, it’s nowhere near as satisfying.

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