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Which headphones are better?

Asked by brooklyn1213 (136points) May 11th, 2012

Dr.dre beats headphones or bose?

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Bose, beats by dre are all hype about the name. Bose is simmilar, but not as much.

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They’re both pretty bad, honestly.

I’d say Bose is slightly better, though. Certainly better value.

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@DeanV What brand would you recommend?

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All three of these are nice.
Beyer Dynamic DT-770’s > Denon D2000s > Audio Technica M50s.

I own Beyer Dynamic DT-770’s and listen to heavy base music. I had previously owned a pair of Beats and a pair of Bose, neither of those sound anywhere near as good as the DT-770’s.

I’ve also heard good things about the Sennheiser HD5×8 series.

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@GladysMensch Did you mean heavy bass music? If so, so do I, so I will check out your recommendations.

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“Did you mean heavy bass music?”

As far as groups named after fish are concerned, I think Hot Tuna is comparable to Heavy Bass. ;-)

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Thank you everyone! ;-)

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@Kayak8 I like Ultimate Ears and Thinksound for earbuds. I go through headphones way too fast, but those two have lasted slightly longer than any other pairs and have really nice balanced quality as well.

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@Kayak8 Yes, yes… heavy bass. (lousy heteronyms)

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Beats Audio are the best..simply the best!!..Killer

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^ And there is the power of marketing on sheeple

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